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Just a few more reasons not to get angry after a bad shot

23.01.2018 by Cathy Arnot, USOC Physiotherapist and Member of the ISSF Medical Committee

The problems that getting and staying angry during a competition can cause, and how to manage it.

WADA Athlete Committee: Call for Nominations

15.09.2017 by Marco Dalla Dea

The World Anti-Doping Agency is seeking nominations for 5 Athlete Committee members

Jet Lag syndrome: effects and fast physical recovery

18.04.2017 by ISSF Medical Committee

Shooting sport athletes and coaches can be negatively affected by time-zone transitions, but they could benefit from non-pharmacological techniques and pharmacotherapy in order to avoid or reduce the effects of jet lag syndrome.

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ISSF athletes committee

Members of ISSF Athletes Committee

The athletes committee consists of a chairman and six members. Its objective is to gather information and opinions from athletes on their needs and problems and to establish a direct link with the athletes within the ISSF. The committee coordinates activities with Athletes Committees of other international federations; it strives for the best possible conditions for the training, accommodation and living conditions for the athletes and supports the fight against doping and drugs.

Another key role of this committee is the improvement of communication amongst athletes in order to create clear information flows regarding all important aspects that involve the wellbeing of athletes. By collecting comments, opinions and proposals from athletes the committee has the opportunity to make recommendations to the ISSF Administrative Council.

The Athletes Committee members are present during most ISSF supervised competitions and can be contacted at all times directly under athletes@issf-sports.org.

New ISSF Athletes Committee: message to all athletes

Dear Fellow Athletes,

Greetings from the ISSF Athletes Committee!  We are grateful to all of you for the trust you have put in us with our recent election.

At the very outset, we would like to reiterate that athletes are at the heart of the ISSF and our goal is to make the Athletes Committee an inclusive open forum.
All suggestions, ideas and concepts will be given due weight and will be discussed in a transparent democratic fashion at the meetings of the ISSF Athletes Committee. The first meeting is scheduled for early 2015. We would like everyone to empower themselves and enrich us with their rich experience. Being athletes, we want our community's concerns to be of prime importance and would request all of you to communicate and help make a more inclusive organization.
The members of the ISSF Athletes Committee are present during most ISSF supervised competitions. Please also feel free to communicate with us at all times by email to athletes@issf-sports.org.

Important Information for all athletes: Kinesio Taping

Dear Athletes,

Further to the impressive presentation made before it by the ISSF Athletes Committee in the course of its Munich meeting in November 2015, the ISSF Medical Committee has gone to great effort and given great attention to the issue of the use kinesiotape in shooting sport. ...

Please find the complete letter here.