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Due to technical problems at the range, the Double Trap Men Final scheduled on the 27th of February has not been filmed.

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MC CREADY, Susan - AUS nation flag  

Personal data:

Sport associated data:

GenderWClubMelbourne International Shooting Club
Year of birth1981Start of competing1997
Place of birthSunbury, AUSPractising shooter since1993
HometownSunbury, AUSPersonal Coach 
ResidenceSunbury, AUSNational CoachMiroslav Sipek
Height (cm)159Handednessright
Weight (kg)56Master Eyeright
Marital statussingleEventsAR40, STR3X20, STR60PR
Children Other sport activities 
Higher education Comments 
ProfessionRstaurant Manager  
HobbiesMusic, sports  


RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
15OG SYDNEY 2000AR40392392
20OG SYDNEY 2000STR3X20574574
25OG ATHENS 2004STR3X20567567
27OG ATHENS 2004AR40391391
42OG BEIJING 2008AR40386386
43OG BEIJING 2008STR3X20550550
9WCH BARCELONA 1998STR3X20Junior569569
12WCH BARCELONA 1998AR40Junior389389
26WCH BARCELONA 1998STR60PRJunior581581
29WCH LAHTI 2002AR40393393
6WC MUNICH 2000STR3X2058396679
9WC MILANO 1999AR40394394
9WC MUNICH 1998STR3X20576576
11WC SHANGHAI 2002AR40395395
11WC SYDNEY 2002STR3X20575575
13WC MUNICH 2000AR40395395
14WC SYDNEY 2002AR40392392
15WC SHANGHAI 2002STR3X20572572
15WC MILANO 2000STR3X20576576
15WC SEOUL 1999AR40392392
15WC MUNICH 1999AR40394394
16WC BANGKOK 2004AR40394394
16WC ATLANTA 1999STR3X20577577
17WC SYDNEY 2000AR40393393
18WC MILANO 1999STR3X20575575
18WC BUENOS AIRES 1998STR3X20563563
19WC CHANGWON 2005AR40394394
20WC CHANGWON 2005STR3X20566566
20WC MUNICH 1999STR3X20571571
22WC MILANO 1998STR3X20574574
23WC SYDNEY 2004STR3X20568568
23WC ATLANTA 2000AR40390390
25WC SYDNEY 2000STR3X20571571
25WC ATLANTA 1999AR40391391
26WC ATHENS 2004STR3X20573573
27WC SYDNEY 2004AR40388388
27WC BANGKOK 2004STR3X20564564
27WC BUENOS AIRES 1998AR40386386
28WC MILAN 2005AR40392392
28WC ATLANTA 2000STR3X20565565
29WC GUANGZHOU 2006AR40391391
30WC MILANO 1997STR3X20564564
33WC SEOUL 1999STR3X20567567
35WC MILANO 2001STR3X20561561
39WC MILANO 2001AR40389389
40WC MUNICH 2005AR40393393
40WC MUNICH 2001AR40391391
43WC MILAN 2005STR3X20567567
43WC MILANO 2000AR40389389
47WC ATHENS 2004AR40391391
47WC MUNICH 2001STR3X20570570
49WC BEIJING 2008STR3X20570570
49WC SYDNEY 2007AR40390390
50WC MILAN 2008STR3X20568568
53WC MILAN 2004STR3X20561561
53WC MILAN 2004AR40389389
56WC SYDNEY 2007STR3X20552552
65WC BEIJING 2008AR40389389
65WC MUNICH 2005STR3X20565565
68WC MUNICH 2008STR3X20559559
70WC MILANO 1997AR40371371
73WC MILAN 2008AR40387387
79WC BANGKOK 2007AR40388388
89WC MUNICH 2008AR40387387
1OCH BRISBANE 2005STR3X2056989.5658.5
1OCH BRISBANE 2005AR40393101.6494.6
1OCH AUCKLAND 2001STR3X2056991660
1OCH AUCKLAND 2001AR4039198.9489.9
1OCH SYDNEY 1999AR40391101.3492.3
2OCH SYDNEY 2007AR4038999.4488.4
2OCH AUCKLAND 2003STR3X2057592.6667.6
2OCH AUCKLAND 2003AR4039199.5490.5
2OCH SYDNEY 1999STR3X2056792.8659.8
3OCH SYDNEY 2007STR3X2056088.2648.2
3OCH ADELAIDE 1997AR4038598.5483.5
5OCH ADELAIDE 1997STR3X2054788.3635.3
10OCH ADELAIDE 1997STR60PR571571