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FEILHAMMER, Martin - AUT nation flag  

Personal data:

Sport associated data:

GenderMClubAustria Shootersclub Ledbersdorf
Year of birth1989Start of competing2010
Place of birthMistelbach, AUTPractising shooter since2006
HometownLadendorf, AUTPersonal CoachJosef Hahnenkamp
ResidenceAUTNational CoachJosef Hahnenkamp
Height (cm)186Handednessright
Weight (kg)88Master Eyeright
Marital statussingleEventsSK125
Children Other sport activities 
Higher educationHigher Technical SchoolComments
LanguagesGerman, English  


RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
68WCH LIMA 2013SK125101
81WCH GRANADA 2014SK125112
92WCH MOSCOW 2017SK125108
121WCH LONATO 2015SK125104
29WC BEIJING 2014SK125114
39WC ALMATY 2014SK125116
40WC ACAPULCO 2013SK125103
43WC ACAPULCO 2017SK125108
45WC BAKU 2016SK125114
45WC SAN MARINO 2016SK125115
53WC ACAPULCO 2015SK125114
56WC RIO DE JANEIRO 2016SK125106
63WC TUCSON 2014SK125105
66WC GABALA 2015SK125116
67WC NICOSIA 2013SK125110
71WC AL AIN 2013SK125108
74WC NICOSIA 2016SK125105
75WC AL AIN 2015SK125114
75WC GRANADA 2013SK125113
78WC LARNAKA 2015SK125113
79WC LARNAKA 2017SK125109
92WC MUNICH 2014SK125113
33ECH MARIBOR 2015SK125118
50ECH BAKU 2017SK125107
53ECH SUHL 2013SK125112
65ECH LONATO 2016SK125107
65ECH LARNAKA 2012SK125104104