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MAJOR, Veronika - HUN nation flag  

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Year of birth1997Start of competing2010
Place of birthKeszthelyPractising shooter since2009
HometownKeszthelyPersonal CoachZoltan Keczeli
ResidenceKeszthelyNational CoachZoltan Keczeli
Height (cm) Handednessright
Weight (kg) Master Eyeright
Marital statussingleEventsSP, AP40, 10RT20, 10RT20MIX
Children Other sport activitiesAir Pistol Shooting
Higher education Comments

Latest news about this athlete

Veronika Major secures Hungary’s first Gold at the ISSF Running Target World Championship

In Suhl, Major pocketed her second World Championship Gold medal after the one she claimed in Granada in 2014, followed by People’s Republic of China’s Ke and by Ukraine’s Tymoshko, respectively winners of the Silver and Bronze medals.



RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
1WCH SUHL 201610RT20Junior372 (7)7
1WCH GRANADA 201410RT20Junior372 (6)6
1WCH GRANADA 201410RT20MIXJunior368
2WCH STOCKHOLM 201210RT20Junior360 (0)360
3WCH STOCKHOLM 201210RT20MIXJunior353353
4WCH SUHL 201610RT20MIXJunior358
5WCH SUHL 2017SPJunior57918
5WCH SUHL 2017AP40Junior381170.4
8WC MUNICH 2017SP5848
33WC MUNICH 2017AP40380
25IJC SUHL 2015AP40Junior371
1ECH MARIBOR 201710RT20Junior372 (6)6
1ECH MARIBOR 2017AP40Junior380235.9WRJ
1ECH MARIBOR 201710RT20MIXJunior378
1ECH GYOR 201610RT20MIXJunior373
1ECH ARNHEM 201510RT20MIXJunior375
1ECH MOSCOW 201410RT20Junior372 (6)6
1ECH MOSCOW 201410RT20MIXJunior364
1ECH ODENSE 201310RT20Junior369 (6)6
2ECH ARNHEM 201510RT20Junior373 (6)4
2ECH ODENSE 201310RT20MIXJunior360
3ECH BAKU 2017SPJunior58725
3ECH GYOR 201610RT20Junior381 (2)6
5ECH GYOR 2016AP40Junior376136.2