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Due to faulty internet line at the Sydney International Shooting Centre, the ISSF Media coverage - upload of news, photos and videos - of the ISSF Junior World Cup Sydney 2018 may be delayed. We apologized for the inconvenience.

Portrait of the athlete

PACE, Frans - MLT nation flag  

Personal data:

Sport associated data:

Year of birth1962Start of competing 
Place of birth Practising shooter since 
Hometown Personal Coach 
Residence National Coach 
Height (cm) Handedness 
Weight (kg) Master Eye 
Marital status EventsTR125, DT150
Children Other sport activities 
Higher education Comments 


RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
20OG ATLANTA 1996TR125119119
32OG SYDNEY 2000TR125106106
32OG ATLANTA 1996DT150121121
13WCH TAMPERE 1999TR125118118
58WCH BARCELONA 1998TR125114114
77WCH NICOSIA 2003TR125113113
79WCH GRANADA 2014TR125117
101WCH NICOSIA 2007TR125111111
109WCH MOSCOW 2017TR125107
8WC LATSIA 1999TR125121121
9WC SYDNEY 2000TR125116116
26WC LONATO 1996DT150126126
28WC LONATO 1998TR125111111
31WC ATLANTA 1996TR125117117
32WC FAGNANO 1994DT150125125
34WC ROME 2005TR125111111
40WC ATHENS 2004TR125106106
40WC NICOSIA 1995TR125114114
41WC NICOSIA 1997DT150104104
45WC FAGNANO 1994TR125112112
56WC NICOSIA 1997TR125104104
61WC ATLANTA 1996DT150111111
69WC LONATO 1996TR125111111
82WC LARNAKA 2017TR125110
82WC GRANADA 2003TR125113113
10ECH LONATO 2002TR125114114
19ECH MARIBOR 2006TR125116116
23ECH GRANADA 2007TR125118118
33ECH MONTECATINI 2000TR125107107
50ECH NICOSIA 2008TR125114114
56ECH BRNO 2003TR125110110
56ECH POUSSAN 1999TR125106106
59ECH BELGRADE 2011TR125116116
78ECH BAKU 2017TR12596