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Due to technical problems at the range, the Double Trap Men Final scheduled on the 27th of February has not been filmed.

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ZHUKOVA, Anna - RUS nation flag  

Personal data:

Sport associated data:

GenderWClubDinamoDossaf, Shvsm
Year of birth1991Start of competing2003
Place of birthBelgorod, RussiaPractising shooter since2005
HometownBelgorod, RussiaPersonal CoachLytai O. I.
ResidenceBelgorod, RussiaNational CoachKoroleva N.N.
Height (cm)162Handednessright
Weight (kg)69Master Eyeright
Marital statussingleEventsAR40, STR3X20, STR60PR
Children Other sport activities 
Higher education Comments
HobbiesBooks, Music  


RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
13WCH MUNICH 2010AR40Junior395395
40WCH GRANADA 2014AR40412.7
6WCF MUNICH 2015STR3X20582406.1
8WCF GABALA 2014AR40415.680.4
3WC GABALA 2015STR3X20584444.8
3WC FORT BENNING 2014AR40416.5186.0
4WC GABALA 2015AR40416.2164.9
6WC CHANGWON 2013AR40416.4122.8
7WC MUNICH 2016STR3X20583400.1
8WC MUNICH 2016AR40418.581.8
16WC MUNICH 2015AR40416.3
23WC MUNICH 2015STR3X20582
24WC MARIBOR 2014STR3X20575
26WC MARIBOR 2014AR40413.0
30WC CHANGWON 2015AR40413.5
4ECH ARNHEM 2015AR40416.8163.3
8ECH BELGRADE 2011STR3X20Junior57990.5669.5
14ECH GYOR 2016AR40414.9
15ECH MOSCOW 2014AR40413.9
42ECH BELGRADE 2011STR60PRJunior575575
23EUG BAKU 2015AR40411.6