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SNYDER, Rebecca - USA nation flag  

Personal data:

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Year of birth1976Start of competing1992
Place of birthDidsbury, CANPractising shooter since1991
Hometown Personal Coach 
ResidenceColorado Springs, CO, USANational CoachSergey Luzar
Height (cm)157Handednessright
Weight (kg)68Master Eyeright
Marital statussingleEventsAP40,SP
Children Other sport activities 
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RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
9OG SYDNEY 2000SP580580
16OG ATHENS 2004AP40380380
21OG ATHENS 2004SP574574
25OG SYDNEY 2000AP40376376
28OG BEIJING 2008SP575575
30OG ATLANTA 1996AP40372372
41OG BEIJING 2008AP40370370
12WCH BARCELONA 1998AP40381381
13WCH LAHTI 2002AP40380380
14WCH ZAGREB 2006SP577577
15WCH MILAN 1994AP40Junior371371
17WCH ZAGREB 2006AP40382382
19WCH LAHTI 2002SP576576
25WCH BARCELONA 1998SP575575
31WCH MILAN 1994SPJunior542542
9WCF MUNICH 1999AP40375375
10WCF MUNICH 1999SP570570
11WCF MUNICH 2000AP40370370
1WC SYDNEY 2000AP40386101.1487.1
1WC ATLANTA 1999AP40385100485
3WC ATLANTA 1999SP582100.6682.6
5WC MILAN 2004AP4038497.2481.2
5WC ATLANTA 2002SP581103.3684.3
5WC ATLANTA 2001SP576101.5677.5
6WC MUNICH 2005AP4038498.6482.6
8WC ATHENS 2004SP58389.8672.8
8WC ATLANTA 2000SP58087.4667.4
9WC SYDNEY 2000SP579579
9WC MILAN 1999AP40384384
10WC MILAN 2008AP40383383
10WC MILAN 2006SP580580
10WC SYDNEY 2004SP577577
11WC GUANGZHOU 2006SP582582
11WC MILAN 2002SP578578
11WC MILAN 1996AP40380380
12WC ATLANTA 2000AP40378378
12WC SEOUL 1999SP581581
12WC MUNICH 1999SP577577
12WC HIROSHIMA 1995AP40378378
13WC MILAN 2000SP576576
14WC MUNICH 1999AP40383383
14WC BUENOS AIRES 1998AP40377377
14WC MUNICH 1998SP578578
15WC MILAN 2008SP578578
17WC SYDNEY 2004AP40379379
17WC ATLANTA 2002AP40378378
18WC FORT BENNING 2003SP573573
18WC MUNICH 2003SP575575
19WC ATLANTA 1998SP571571
20WC MUNICH 2000SP576576
21WC MUNICH 2003AP40379379
22WC FORT BENNING 2003AP40374374
23WC MUNICH 2006SP576576
23WC FORT BENNING 2005SP574574
23WC MILAN 2002AP40379379
24WC MUNICH 1997AP40376376
25WC BEIJING 2008SP576576
25WC FORT BENNING 2005AP40375375
25WC CHANGWON 2003AP40374374
27WC ZAGREB 2003SP574574
28WC MUNICH 2006AP40379379
28WC SEOUL 1999AP40375375
28WC MUNICH 1997SP570570
29WC ZAGREB 2003AP40378378
31WC MUNICH 1996SP573573
32WC ATHENS 2004AP40378378
32WC SEOUL 1995AP40372372
33WC ATLANTA 1996AP40375375
36WC CHANGWON 2003SP541541
38WC ATLANTA 1998AP40367367
39WC MILAN 1999SP567567
40WC MILAN 2004SP568568
41WC MUNICH 1998AP40375375
45WC GUANGZHOU 2006AP40376376
46WC BEIJING 2008AP40376376
47WC MILAN 1997SP565565
49WC MUNICH 1996AP40369369
53WC MILAN 1997AP40368368
55WC MILAN 1996SP548548
59WC MILAN 1998SP560560
66WC MILAN 1998AP40367367
68WC MILAN 2006AP40372372
68WC MUNICH 2000AP40365365
73WC MUNICH 2005SP537537
1CAT SALINAS 2005AP4037996.3475.3
1CAT FORT BENNING 2001SP58499.9683.9
1CAT FORT BENNING 2001AP4038196.6477.6
2PAG WINNIPEG 1999SP568101.5669.5
6PAG SANTO DOMINGO 2003AP4037397470