WEDNESDAY 30.08 Arrival of Delegations
THURSDAY 31.08 Equipment Control Consultation Service Trap
Pre-Event Training Trap
Technical Meeting
Opening Ceremony
FRIDAY 01.09 Trap Men Day 1
Trap Men Junior Day 1
Trap Women Day 1
Trap Women Junior Day 1
SATURDAY 02.09 Trap Men Day 2
Trap Men Junior Day 2
Trap Women Day 2
Trap Women Junior Day 2
Finals Trap Women
Finals Trap Women Junior
Victory Ceremony
SUNDAY 03.09 Trap Men Day 3
Trap Men Junior Day 3
Finals Trap Men
Finals Trap Men Junior
Victory Ceremony
MONDAY 04.09 Trap Mixed Team
Final Trap Mixed Team
Victory Ceremony
Equipment Control Consultation Service Double Trap
Pre-Event Training Double Trap
TUESDAY 05.09 Double Trap Men
Double Trap Men Junior
Finals Double Trap Men
Finals Double Trap Men Junior
Double Trap Women
Double Trap Women Junior
Victory Ceremony
WEDNESDAY 06.09 Equipment Control Consultation Service Skeet
Pre-Event Training Skeet
THURSDAY 07.09 Skeet Men Day 1
Skeet Men Junior Day 1
Skeet Women Day 1
Skeet Women Junior Day 1
FRIDAY 08.09 Skeet Men Day 2
Skeet Men Junior Day 2
Skeet Women Day 2
Skeet Women Junior Day 2
Finals Skeet Women
Finals Skeet Women Junior
Victory Ceremony
SATURDAY 09.09 Skeet Men Day 3
Skeet Men Junior Day 3
Finals Skeet Men
Finals Skeet Men Junior
Victory Ceremony
SUNDAY 10.09 Skeet Mixed Team
Final Skeet Mixed Team
Victory Ceremony
Closing Ceremony
MONDAY 11.09 Departure of Delegations
General Information


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Mobile: +7-915-356-44-29

Russian Shooting Union
Luzhnetskaya nab., 8
119991 Moscow
Russian Federation