SIUS and European Shooting sign sponsorship deal

The electronic targets manufacturer will provide all electronic targets and result system to European Championships from now on, right to 2019.

SIUS, the Swiss leader in electronic targets production, signed a new sponsorship agreement with the European Shooting Confederation. SIUS electronic targets and Shotgun Result Service will be used for all European Shooting Championships, from now up to 31/12/2019.


It’s not the first time that SIUS and ESC work together: the first Sponsorship agreement between the Swiss company and the European governing body dates back to 1995. The contract was then renewed in 2007, by the ESC President Unni Nicolaysen and by the SIUS Chairman Hansruedi Walti.


The new agreement was signed the last 25 of February by the actual ESC President, Mr. Vladimir Lisin, and by the new SIUS Chief Executive Office, Ing. Frank Merian, in charge at the steering wheel of the company since the beginning of this year.


“This sponsorship agreement has so far been successful for both parties and has proved that the use of SIUS electronic targets has made the shooting sport much more attractive to athletes, officials and spectators.” Ing. Frank Merian said, after announcing the agreement.


While concluding this agreement with SIUS, the ESC also took into account the fact, that the electronic scoring systems of the company SIUS have been examined and consequently approved for all shooting championships conducted and supervised by ISSF.

Marco Dalla Dea