ISSF General Assembly and Meetings: information for the Delegates

To all Delegates: please visit the ISSF Registration Office at the Hilton Park Hotel to receive detailed information on the meetings and to register for the official dinners.

The International Shooting Sport Federation will hold its General Assembly and meetings at the Hilton Park Hotel in Munich, Germany. The ISSF Executive Committee and the ISSF Administrative Council will meet on Saturday the 29th and on Sunday the 30th of November, respectively. The ISSF General Assembly and the ISSF elections will be held on Tuesday the 2nd and on Wednesday the 3rd of December, at the Ballroom of the Hilton Park Hotel in Munich.


All Delegates are kindly asked to register at the ISSF Registration Office, upon their arrival at the Hilton Park Hotel.


There, Delegates will receive detailed information on the meetings, and will be asked to register for the dinners they would like to attend.



Meetings and Dinners schedule:

Friday, 28.11.2014

  • 19:30 Dinner on occasion of ISSF Meetings


Saturday, 29.11.2014

  • 09:00 ISSF Executive Committee meeting

  • 19:30 Executive Committee Meeting dinner


Sunday, 30.11.2014

  • 09:00 ISSF Administrative Council Meeting

  • 19:00 Administrative Council Meeting dinner


Monday, 01.12.2014

  • 09:00 Excursion to Salzburg

  • 20:30 Dinner invitation by the ESC President Vladimir Lisin, Hilton Park Hotel


Tuesday, 02.12.2014

  • 09:00 ISSF General Assembly day 1, Ballroom

  • 19:00 Dinner at the Hilton Park Hotel Munich


Wednesday, 03.12.2014

  • 09:00 ISSF General Assembly day 2, Ballroom

  • 20:00 Dinner invitation by the ISSF President


Thursday, 04.12.2014

  • 09:00 Departure of the delegations





Marco Dalla Dea