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LOWNDES, Timothy - AUS nation flag  

Personal data:

Sport associated data:

GenderMClubTownsville Smallbore Rifle Club
Year of birth1979Start of competing1996
Place of birthLilydale, AUSPractising shooter since1992
HometownAlbury, AUSPersonal CoachMiroslav Sipek
ResidenceTownsville, AUSNational CoachMiroslav Sipek
Height (cm)185Handednessright
Weight (kg)86Master Eyeright
Marital statussingleEventsAR60, FR3X40, FR60PR
Children Other sport activities 
Higher education Comments 
ProfessionRifleman (Australian Army)  
HobbiesMusic, socialising  


RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
12OG ATHENS 2004FR3X4011611161
16OG ATHENS 2004FR60PR592592
19OG SYDNEY 2000FR60PR593593
20OG SYDNEY 2000FR3X4011591159
35OG ATHENS 2004AR60587587
41OG SYDNEY 2000AR60582582
5WCH BARCELONA 1998FR60PRJunior592592
14WCH BARCELONA 1998AR60Junior584584
22WCH BARCELONA 1998FR3X40Junior11361136
28WCH LAHTI 2002FR3X4011391139
51WCH LAHTI 2002FR60PR585585
85WCH LAHTI 2002AR60583583
5WC SEOUL 1999FR60PR595101.1696.1
7WC ATLANTA 2000FR60PR596102.5698.5
7WC MUNICH 1999FR3X40116997.61266.6
8WC MILANO 1999FR60PR595100.2695.2
8WC BUENOS AIRES 1998FR3X40116192.71253.7
9WC SYDNEY 2002FR60PR594594
9WC ATLANTA 1999FR60PR596596
10WC MILANO 2000FR3X4011651165
14WC MILANO 1999FR3X4011641164
15WC MUNICH 2000FR3X4011671167
16WC ATLANTA 2000FR3X4011621162
17WC MILAN 2004FR60PR593593
17WC SYDNEY 2004FR60PR593593
18WC BANGKOK 2004FR3X4011521152
20WC ATLANTA 1999FR3X4011591159
22WC SHANGHAI 2002FR3X4011581158
22WC SEOUL 1999FR3X4011591159
23WC SYDNEY 2004FR3X4011561156
23WC BUENOS AIRES 1998FR60PR590590
24WC MILANO 2000FR60PR591591
28WC ATHENS 2004FR60PR591591
28WC MILANO 1998FR60PR589589
29WC SYDNEY 2002FR3X4011521152
29WC SYDNEY 2000FR60PR591591
30WC ATLANTA 2000AR60587587
33WC MUNICH 2000FR60PR591591
35WC SYDNEY 2000AR60584584
36WC SYDNEY 2004AR60582582
36WC BUENOS AIRES 1998AR60579579
37WC BANGKOK 2004FR60PR584584
37WC SHANGHAI 2002FR60PR590590
38WC SYDNEY 2002AR60585585
38WC ATLANTA 1999AR60585585
39WC MUNICH 1999AR60587587
41WC MUNICH 2000AR60589589
42WC BANGKOK 2004AR60585585
42WC MILANO 2000AR60585585
43WC MILAN 2004FR3X4011491149
45WC MILANO 1999AR60586586
47WC ATHENS 2004AR60588588
50WC MILANO 1998FR3X4011421142
52WC ATHENS 2004FR3X4011501150
53WC SYDNEY 2000FR3X4011321132
55WC SHANGHAI 2002AR60576576
57WC SEOUL 1999AR60578578
59WC MUNICH 1998FR3X4011421142
61WC MILAN 2004AR60584584
78WC MILANO 1998AR60575575
79WC MUNICH 1998AR60577577
1OCH AUCKLAND 2003FR3X40113497.41231.4
1OCH SYDNEY 1999FR3X40115695.71251.7
2OCH SYDNEY 1999FR60PR592103.2695.2
3OCH SYDNEY 1999AR6057999.4678.4