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PICKL, Bernhard - AUT nation flag  

Personal data:

Sport associated data:

GenderMClubSV Gaming
Year of birth1991Start of competing2013
Place of birthScheibbsPractising shooter since1997
HometownGamingPersonal Coach 
ResidenceGaming, ViennaNational CoachHubert Bichler, Wolfram Waibel
Height (cm)184Handednessright
Weight (kg)78Master Eyeright
Marital statussingleEventsAR60, FR3X40, FR60PR, 300FR3X40, 300FR60PR, 300STR3X20
Children Other sport activities 
Higher education Comments
ProfessionMilitary, Student  
Hobbiessoccer, sport  


RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
6WCH GRANADA 2014300STR3X20583
19WCH GRANADA 2014300FR3X401159
29WCH GRANADA 2014AR60623.0
2WC GUADALAJARA 2018FR3X401173452.0
6WC GUADALAJARA 2018AR60624.3162.7
8WC FORT BENNING 2014FR3X401166397.9
9WC MUNICH 2017FR3X401176
10WC MUNICH 2018FR3X401178
12WC FORT BENNING 2015AR60625.0
12WC GRANADA 2013FR3X401168
13WC GABALA 2015FR3X401171
14WC BANGKOK 2016AR60624.5
14WC BAKU 2016FR3X401164
14WC CHANGWON 2015FR3X401169
15WC GRANADA 2013AR60620.5
18WC CHANGWON 2015AR60623.3
18WC MUNICH 2013AR60624.2
20WC GABALA 2015AR60624.4
21WC BAKU 2016AR60624.5
21WC FORT BENNING 2014AR60621.7
23WC CHANGWON 2018AR60625.1
24WC GABALA 2017AR60623.6
24WC MUNICH 2017AR60625.1
25WC CHANGWON 2018FR3X401171
27WC MUNICH 2015AR60624.1
28WC FORT BENNING 2015FR3X401164
29WC MUNICH 2018AR60626.9
29WC BANGKOK 2016FR3X401143
29WC MUNICH 2014AR60623.1
32WC MUNICH 2015FR3X401168
34WC GABALA 2017FR3X401164
34WC MARIBOR 2014FR3X401158
36WC RIO DE JANEIRO 2016AR60622.5
37WC MUNICH 2014FR3X401165
44WC RIO DE JANEIRO 2016FR3X401153
47WC MUNICH 2016AR60622.2
50WC MARIBOR 2014AR60617.2
51WC GRANADA 2013FR60PR616.9
54WC MUNICH 2016FR3X401161
58WC MUNICH 2014FR60PR619.4
60WC CHANGWON 2015FR60PR613.2
1ECH BAKU 2017300STR3X20578
3ECH OSIJEK 2013300STR3X20583
9ECH BAKU 2017300FR3X401156
9ECH MARIBOR 2015300FR3X401163
10ECH MARIBOR 2015300STR3X20577
12ECH OSIJEK 2013300FR3X401163
17ECH MARIBOR 2015FR3X401168
18ECH MARIBOR 2017AR60623.4
19ECH ARNHEM 2015AR60621.9
20ECH BRESCIA 2011AR60Junior586586
25ECH BAKU 2017FR3X401143
32ECH GYOR 2016AR60621.0
32ECH PRAGUE 2009AR60Junior585585
33ECH BAKU 2017300FR60PR577
35ECH OSIJEK 2013FR60PR620.1
38ECH MOSCOW 2014AR60619.6
41ECH ODENSE 2013AR60617.9
43ECH WINTERTHUR 2008AR60Junior580580
47ECH GYOR 2018AR60618.8
47ECH OSIJEK 2013FR3X401149