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LAFORTUNE, Francois Jacques Marie Gerard - BEL nation flag  
Gender: M


RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
10OG MEXICO CITY 1968FR60PR595595
14OG MUNICH 1972FR60PR595595
15OG MEXICO CITY 1968FR3X4011451145
19OG MELBOURNE 1956FR3X4011451145
23OG HELSINKI 1952FR3X4011311131
26OG TOKYO 1964FR3X4011261126
31OG MONTREAL 1976FR60PR588588
31OG ROME 1960FR3X4011081108
42OG TOKYO 1964FR60PR586586
42OG MELBOURNE 1956FR60PR585585
42OG HELSINKI 1952FR40PR388388
46OG MONTREAL 1976FR3X4011131113
47OG MUNICH 1972FR3X4011071107
54OG ROME 1960FR60PR555555