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HASSANI, Maryam - BRN nation flag  

Personal data:

Sport associated data:

GenderWClubBahrain Shooting Team
Year of birth1993Start of competing2012
Place of birthAl Muharrq, BRNPractising shooter since2012
HometownAl Muharrq, BRNPersonal CoachValeriy Timokhin
ResidenceBRNNational Coach 
Height (cm)168Handednessright
Weight (kg) Master Eyeright
Marital status EventsSK75, SK125W
Children Other sport activities 
Higher educationHigh SchoolComments
LanguagesArabic, English  


RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
37WCH CHANGWON 2018SK125W110
46WCH LONATO 2015SK7563
56WCH GRANADA 2014SK7561
64WCH MOSCOW 2017SK7553
13WC TUCSON 2018SK125W114
27WC CHANGWON 2018SK125W110
42WC GABALA 2015SK7563
48WC MUNICH 2014SK7559
54WC AL AIN 2015SK7560
58WC LARNAKA 2015SK7560
9ASC ASTANA 2017SK7562
15ASC AL AIN 2014SK7558
16ASG JAKARTA 2018SK125W105