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ZHANG, Tian - CHN nation flag  

Personal data:

Sport associated data:

Year of birth1980Start of competing1996
Place of birthMei Meng Gu, CHNPractising shooter since1995
HometownMei Meng Gu, CHNPersonal CoachGao Yong Wu
Residence National CoachWang Yi Fu
Height (cm)179Handednessright
Weight (kg)86Master Eyeright
Marital statussingleEventsAP60, STP, FP
Children Other sport activities 
Higher educationJunior CollegeComments 


RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
25OG LONDON 2012FP553553
7WCH MUNICH 2010FP56191.6652.6
17WCH MUNICH 2010AP60579579
1WCF BANGKOK 2012FP56599.9664.9
2WCF WROCLAW 2011AP6058799.8686.8
2WCF BANGKOK 2007AP6058598.7683.7
5WCF MUNICH 2005AP6058399.9682.9
7WCF MUNICH 2013FP57094.2
1WC MILAN 2005FP56898.7666.7
1WC MILAN 2005AP6059099.1689.1
2WC MILAN 2012FP56896.6664.6
3WC LONDON 2012FP56595.6660.6
3WC SYDNEY 2011AP6058297.8679.8
4WC FORT BENNING 2010AP60582100.9682.9
4WC BANGKOK 2007AP6058797.3684.3
4WC GUANGZHOU 2006AP6058498.8682.8
5WC MUNICH 2013FP567133.7
6WC MUNICH 2012AP60583101.1684.1
6WC SYDNEY 2011FP56292.7654.7
6WC FORT BENNING 2010FP56689.9655.9
6WC MUNICH 2005AP6058796.8683.8
7WC MUNICH 2011FP56193.8654.8
7WC FORT BENNING 2011AP6058596.6681.6
7WC BEIJING 2010FP55792.5649.5
7WC SYDNEY 2010FP55292.1644.1
8WC FORT BENNING 2013FP56571.8
8WC MILAN 2012AP6058298.1680.1
12WC LONDON 2012AP60583583
12WC MUNICH 2011AP60582582
13WC MUNICH 2012FP559559
13WC BEIJING 2010AP60580580
14WC CHANGWON 2003AP60576576
15WC CHANGWON 2011AP60580580
17WC GRANADA 2013AP60577
20WC CHANGWON 2005FP551551
21WC GUANGZHOU 2006FP556556
2ASC DOHA 2012FP56894.8662.8
37ASG DOHA 2006STP541541