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GLASNOVIC, Anton - CRO nation flag  

Personal data:

Sport associated data:

GenderMClub "G.A.J" Dubrava, Zagreb
Year of birth1981Start of competing1999
Place of birthZagrebPractising shooter since1998
HometownSesvetePersonal CoachJosip Glasnovic
Residence National CoachFranc Glasnovic
Height (cm)183Handednessright
Weight (kg)83Master Eyeright
Marital statusmarriedEventsTR125, DT150
Children1Other sport activities 
Higher education Comments
ProfessionCroatian Armed Forces  
HobbiesHunting, table tennis  


RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
6OG LONDON 2012TR12512221143
23OG LONDON 2012DT150114114
2WCH LIMA 2013TR125121 (12)11
2WCH CAIRO 2001DT150Junior135135
3WCH CAIRO 2001TR125Junior117117
12WCH MARIBOR 2009TR125121121
16WCH LONATO 2015TR125118
17WCH CHANGWON 2018TR125120
19WCH MUNICH 2010TR125119119
35WCH LONATO 2015DT150129
35WCH GRANADA 2014TR125120
40WCH NICOSIA 2007TR125118118
41WCH LONATO 2005TR125114114
49WCH BELGRADE 2011DT150134134
57WCH ZAGREB 2006TR125113113
73WCH BELGRADE 2011TR125116116
12WCF ABU DHABI 2013TR125111
3WC MUNICH 2009TR12512322145
6WC MUNICH 2014TR125124 (13)
6WC LONATO 2010TR12512020140
9WC BEIJING 2008TR125116116
10WC CHANGWON 2019TR125121
11WC MARIBOR 2007TR125119119
13WC NICOSIA 2013TR125119
13WC LONATO 2007TR125119119
14WC NICOSIA 2001TR125115115
16WC GABALA 2015TR125123
17WC AL AIN 2015TR125120
17WC SAN MARINO 2009TR125115115
25WC MARIBOR 2011TR125120120
26WC CAIRO 2006TR125115115
30WC ALMATY 2014TR125115
30WC AL AIN 2013TR125117
31WC AL AIN 2019TR125120
31WC NEW DELHI 2017TR125108
34WC DORSET 2010TR125115115
34WC BELGRADE 2008TR125115115
35WC SUHL 2006TR125116116
39WC GRANADA 2013TR125120
42WC SIGGIEWI 2018TR125110
42WC SUHL 2008TR125116116
43WC LONDON 2012DT150116116
46WC LONATO 2003DT150114114
46WC LONATO 2003TR125107107
46WC LONATO 2000DT150113113
47WC LONATO 2012DT150124124
53WC LARNAKA 2015TR125118
60WC LONDON 2012TR125110110
61WC NICOSIA 2016TR125110
98WC LONATO 2012TR125101101
4ECH SARLOSPUSZTA 2014TR125124 (12)12
5ECH OSIJEK 2009TR12512021141
6ECH MARIBOR 2006TR12511820138
6ECH ZAGREB 2001DT150Junior12940169
7ECH BELGRADE 2011TR125123123
8ECH MONTECATINI 2000DT150Junior119119
10ECH GRANADA 2007TR125120120
10ECH BRNO 2003TR125118118
12ECH MONTECATINI 2000TR125Junior105105
20ECH LARNAKA 2012DT150128128
20ECH BELGRADE 2011DT150133133
24ECH LARNAKA 2012TR125117117
24ECH KAZAN 2010TR125116116
24ECH ZAGREB 2001TR125Junior106106
28ECH NICOSIA 2008TR125118118
31ECH SUHL 2013TR125119
41ECH BELGRADE 2005TR125112112
57ECH MARIBOR 2015TR125113
18EUG BAKU 2015TR125118