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HAMAN, Vaclav - CZE nation flag  

Personal data:

Sport associated data:

GenderMClubSKP Rapid Plzen
Year of birth1986Start of competing2003
Place of birthJicin, CZEPractising shooter since1993
HometownJicin, CZEPersonal CoachTomas Jerabek
ResidenceBrada 35, JicĂ­n, CZENational CoachLubos Opelka
Height (cm)180Handednessright
Weight (kg)87Master Eyeright
Marital statussingleEventsAR60, FR3X40, FR60PR
Children Other sport activities 
Higher educationHigh schoolComments I love to go for a walk in nature and taking pictures of it.
HobbiesMotorcycling, Hunting, Football  
LanguagesCzech, English  


RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
13OG BEIJING 2008AR60593593
23OG BEIJING 2008FR3X4011631163
33OG LONDON 2012AR60590590
34OG LONDON 2012FR3X4011531153
41OG LONDON 2012FR60PR588588
2WCH ZAGREB 2006FR3X40Junior11561156
4WCH ZAGREB 2006AR60Junior593593
30WCH MUNICH 2010AR60593593
33WCH MUNICH 2010FR3X4011661166
36WCH ZAGREB 2006FR60PRJunior582582
39WCH GRANADA 2014AR60621.7
5WCF WUXI 2009AR60595101.7696.7
3WC BEIJING 2009AR60595104.3699.3
4WC FORT BENNING 2010FR3X401170101.31271.3
7WC SYDNEY 2007AR60596102698
9WC MILAN 2009AR60595595
11WC GRANADA 2013AR60621.8
14WC FORT BENNING 2010AR60595595
15WC BEIJING 2010AR60594594
17WC MUNICH 2009FR3X4011681168
17WC MUNICH 2009AR60595595
18WC FORT BENNING 2014AR60622.0
18WC MUNICH 2011AR60595595
18WC MILAN 2009FR3X4011631163
18WC MUNICH 2008FR3X4011651165
20WC MILAN 2008AR60593593
23WC MUNICH 2008AR60594594
24WC SYDNEY 2011FR3X4011561156
25WC MUNICH 2013AR60623.8
26WC MARIBOR 2014AR60622.5
26WC MILAN 2008FR3X4011571157
28WC BEIJING 2009FR3X4011611161
30WC MUNICH 2013FR3X401156
31WC MILAN 2012AR60593593
31WC BEIJING 2008FR3X4011491149
31WC FORT BENNING 2007FR3X4011581158
32WC MUNICH 2015AR60623.7
32WC MILAN 2012FR3X4011541154
32WC BELGRADE 2010AR60593593
32WC FORT BENNING 2007AR60591591
33WC MUNICH 2014AR60622.9
33WC BEIJING 2010FR3X4011531153
34WC GABALA 2015AR60621.8
37WC MUNICH 2012FR3X4011661166
38WC CHANGWON 2011FR3X4011541154
38WC BEIJING 2008AR60591591
39WC MUNICH 2007AR60592592
41WC BELGRADE 2010FR3X4011561156
41WC SYDNEY 2007FR3X4011531153
43WC BEIJING 2008FR60PR590590
43WC BANGKOK 2007AR60590590
44WC FORT BENNING 2014FR3X401143
46WC BEIJING 2010FR60PR583583
46WC MUNICH 2007FR3X4011601160
47WC SYDNEY 2011AR60588588
50WC MUNICH 2012AR60592592
53WC MILAN 2006AR60588588
54WC FORT BENNING 2010FR60PR589589
58WC CHANGWON 2011FR60PR575575
63WC BANGKOK 2007FR3X4011251125
65WC LONDON 2012AR60586586
70WC MUNICH 2015FR3X401140
2ECH BELGRADE 2005FR3X40Junior115491.61245.6
10ECH GOTHENBURG 2003AR60Junior587587
12ECH ODENSE 2013AR60622.5
14ECH MERAKER 2010AR60594594
15ECH MOSCOW 2006AR60Junior585585
16ECH PRAGUE 2009AR60593593
18ECH TALLINN 2005AR60Junior587587
21ECH WINTERTHUR 2008AR60592592
24ECH OSIJEK 2009FR3X4011581158
25ECH DEAUVILLE 2007AR60591591
27ECH VIERUMAEKI 2012AR60593593
33ECH BELGRADE 2005FR60PRJunior580580
38ECH PLZEN 2003FR3X40Junior11191119
41ECH MUNICH 2004FR3X40Junior11301130
50ECH MARIBOR 2015FR3X401150
50ECH OSIJEK 2013FR3X401147
50ECH BELGRADE 2011FR3X4011501150
51ECH MOSCOW 2014AR60612.2
53ECH BRESCIA 2011AR60587587
56ECH GRANADA 2007FR3X4011381138