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LORENZO, Isidro - ESP nation flag  

Personal data:

Sport associated data:

GenderMClubZamorano Tiro
Year of birth1958Start of competing1985
Place of birthZamora, ESPPractising shooter since1982
Hometown Personal Coach 
ResidenceValladolid, ESPNational CoachCezary Staniszewski
Height (cm)173Handednessright
Weight (kg)85Master Eyeright
Marital statusmarriedEventsAP60, FP
Children3Other sport activities 
Higher education Comments 
ProfessionPolice Officer  


RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
8OG ATHENS 2004FP56290652
42OG ATHENS 2004AP60565565
29WCH LAHTI 2002FP549549
30WCH BARCELONA 1998FP550550
31WCH ZAGREB 2006FP552552
54WCH MILAN 1994FP533533
59WCH ZAGREB 2006AP60573573
59WCH BARCELONA 1998AP60571571
90WCH MILAN 1994AP60561561
97WCH LAHTI 2002AP60560560
7WCF GRANADA 2006FP56294.4656.4
3WC GUANGZHOU 2006FP56794.9661.9
6WC MILANO 2001FP55790.4647.4
7WC MILAN 2006FP56193.2654.2
7WC SYDNEY 2004FP55694.3650.3
7WC ATHENS 2004AP6058197.8678.8
8WC RESENDE 2006FP55991.9650.9
9WC BEIJING 2008AP60583583
9WC ZAGREB 2003FP560560
9WC HAVANA 1995AP60576576
11WC ATHENS 2004FP558558
11WC BUENOS AIRES 1998FP555555
12WC MILANO 2002AP60578578
12WC MILANO 2001AP60578578
13WC BARCELONA 1994FP560560
14WC FORT BENNING 2007FP552552
16WC HIROSHIMA 1995FP554554
18WC MILANO 2002FP553553
19WC MUNICH 2005FP558558
19WC BARCELONA 1994AP60575575
20WC SEOUL 1995AP60575575
21WC MUNICH 1998FP555555
21WC HAVANA 1995FP540540
25WC MUNICH 1996AP60576576
26WC BEIJING 2009FP544544
26WC RIO DE JANEIRO 2008FP535535
26WC MUNICH 2008FP556556
26WC BUENOS AIRES 1998AP60571571
27WC GUANGZHOU 2006AP60577577
27WC MUNICH 1996FP554554
28WC ATLANTA 1998FP546546
29WC RESENDE 2006AP60572572
29WC FORT BENNING, GA 2005FP551551
30WC RIO DE JANEIRO 2008AP60564564
30WC SHANGHAI 2002FP540540
30WC SHANGHAI 2002AP60570570
31WC SYDNEY 2007FP549549
31WC MILAN 1996AP60574574
32WC FORT BENNING, GA 2005AP60574574
33WC BEIJING 2009AP60568568
33WC SEOUL 1999FP543543
35WC SYDNEY 2004AP60567567
36WC MUNICH 2005AP60578578
38WC SYDNEY 2007AP60570570
38WC SEOUL 1999AP60569569
40WC MILAN 2009FP540540
41WC MUNICH 2009FP550550
41WC MUNICH 1999FP550550
42WC MILANO 2000FP544544
43WC ZAGREB 2003AP60571571
44WC BEIJING 2008FP549549
45WC MILAN 2004AP60572572
47WC ATLANTA 1998AP60567567
47WC HIROSHIMA 1995AP60564564
48WC SEOUL 1995FP540540
49WC MILAN 2009AP60566566
51WC MILAN 2008FP540540
51WC MILAN 1995AP60569569
53WC MILAN 2008AP60569569
53WC MILAN 2006AP60572572
53WC MILAN 2005FP540540
53WC MILANO 2000AP60568568
54WC MILAN 2004FP541541
54WC MUNICH 1995FP543543
56WC MILAN 1995FP539539
57WC FORT BENNING 2007AP60561561
59WC MILAN 2005AP60568568
61WC BANGKOK 2007FP530530
62WC MUNICH 1998AP60569569
70WC MUNICH 1995AP60566566
73WC BANGKOK 2007AP60565565
76WC MUNICH 2009AP60559559
85WC MUNICH 2008AP60563563
96WC MUNICH 1999AP60564564
25ECH PLZEN 2003FP547547
26ECH VANTAA 1995AP60574574
29ECH BORDEAUX 1999FP552552
31ECH ZURICH 1995FP550550
35ECH GRANADA 2007FP545545
35ECH GYOR 2004AP60573573
38ECH ZAGREB 2001FP537537
41ECH BELGRADE 2005FP543543
48ECH OSIJEK 2009FP524524
53ECH DEAUVILLE 2007AP60566566
70ECH WARSAW 1997AP60555555