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COLA, Philippe - FRA nation flag  
Gender: M


RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
6OG LOS ANGELES 1984FP559559
11OG BARCELONA 1992AP60579579
12OG SEOUL 1988AP60579579
19OG SEOUL 1988FP555555
25OG BARCELONA 1992FP552552
6WCH BUDAPEST 1987AP6058198679
8WCH SUHL 1986AP6057894.4672.4
3WC MEXICO CITY 1987AP60579100.1679.1
3WC HAVANA 1987AP6057899.5677.5
4WC ZURICH 1986AP6057999.1678.1
5WC MOSCOW 1988AP60583100.5683.5
5WC SEOUL 1987FP56291653
6WC MEXICO CITY 1991FP55887645
6WC BUCHAREST 1986AP6057795.9672.9
7WC SUHL 1990FP56087647
7WC MUNICH 1990FP56189650
7WC MUNICH 1989AP6057998.8677.8
7WC MEXICO CITY 1986FP55787644
8WC ZURICH 1987FP56586651
27WC FORT BENNING 1994FP538538
38WC HAVANA 1994FP512512
53WC MILAN 1994FP527527
3ECH DORTMUND 1983AP60581581
7ECH ATHENS 1981AP60578578
8ECH ARNHEM 1990AP6057997.1676.1