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MENNEZEIN, Valerie - FRA nation flag  

Personal data:

Sport associated data:

GenderWClubClichy (FRA), SG Hamm (GER)
Year of birth1975Start of competing1985
Place of birthSchiltigheim, FrauPractising shooter since1984
HometownAltkirch, FrauPersonal Coachself
Residence National CoachGilles Muller
Height (cm)169Handednessright
Weight (kg)62Master Eyeright
Marital statusmarriedEventsAR40, STR3X20, STR60PR
Children1Other sport activities 
Higher education Comments 


RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
4OG ATLANTA 1996AR40395101.6496.6
16OG ATHENS 2004STR3X20574574
17OG SYDNEY 2000STR3X20575575
20OG SYDNEY 2000AR40391391
22OG ATHENS 2004AR40392392
1WCH MILAN 1994AR40Junior392392
9WCH LAHTI 2002AR40396396
12WCH MILAN 1994STR3X20Junior564564
17WCH MILAN 1994STR60PRJunior577577
20WCH LAHTI 2002STR60PR587587
30WCH BARCELONA 1998STR3X20571571
51WCH BARCELONA 1998AR40387387
94WCH ZAGREB 2006AR40386386
1WCF LUGANO 1997AR40396103499
2WCF NAEFELS 1996AR40394104498
4WCF ZURICH 1998AR40395102.1497.1
6WCF MUNICH 2000AR40395102.2497.2
7WCF MUNICH 1999STR3X2057396.1669.1
8WCF MUNICH 1994AR4038899.7487.7
1WC MUNICH 2000AR40397103.3500.3
1WC ATLANTA 1998AR40396104.3500.3
1WC MILANO 1997AR40396102.2498.2
1WC BEIJING 1994AR40394102.7496.7
3WC ATLANTA 1999STR3X2058497.7681.7
4WC SYDNEY 2002AR40395103.5498.5
4WC MUNICH 1999AR40397102.7499.7
5WC ATLANTA 1996AR40395101.5496.5
6WC ATLANTA 2002AR40395103.4498.4
7WC SYDNEY 2002STR3X2057797.9674.9
7WC MILANO 2000AR40395102.5497.5
9WC MUNICH 2001AR40395395
9WC MILAN 1996AR40394394
11WC MUNICH 2006AR40397397
11WC FORT BENNING, GA 2005AR40395395
11WC ATLANTA 2002STR3X20576576
11WC HIROSHIMA 1995AR40391391
12WC MUNICH 1996AR40393393
13WC MILAN 2004AR40395395
13WC MILAN 1994AR40389389
14WC MUNICH 2003AR40396396
14WC MUNICH 1997AR40393393
15WC SEOUL 1995AR40390390
16WC MILAN 2004STR3X20577577
16WC ATHENS 2004STR3X20576576
16WC MUNICH 1999STR3X20573573
18WC SHANGHAI 2002AR40393393
19WC MUNICH 2000STR3X20578578
20WC MUNICH 2005AR40396396
21WC ATLANTA 1998STR3X20564564
22WC MUNICH 2005STR3X20578578
22WC BEIJING 1994STR3X20567567
23WC MILANO 1998AR40391391
30WC FORT BENNING, GA 2005STR3X20568568
30WC ATHENS 2004AR40393393
34WC MILAN 1995AR40387387
35WC HIROSHIMA 1995STR3X20562562
36WC SHANGHAI 2002STR3X20558558
47WC MUNICH 2001STR3X20570570
50WC ZAGREB 2003STR3X20565565
54WC MUNICH 1997STR3X20561561
1ECH MUNICH 2000AR40396103.6499.6
1ECH VANTAA 1995AR40Junior396100496
2ECH ZAGREB 2001STR60PR591591
2ECH PONTEVEDRA 2001AR40398102.4500.4
2ECH STRASBOURG 1994AR40Junior394101495
3ECH WARSAW 1997AR40395103.1498.1
8ECH BUDAPEST 1996AR4039597.9492.9
11ECH TALLINN 2005AR40396396
11ECH PLZEN 2003STR3X20579579
17ECH BORDEAUX 1999STR60PR582582
19ECH GOTHENBURG 2003AR40392392
20ECH ARNHEM 1999AR40390390
21ECH ZURICH 1995STR3X20Junior560560
23ECH PLZEN 2003STR60PR590590
25ECH ZAGREB 2001STR3X20568568
28ECH BORDEAUX 1999STR3X20570570
37ECH ZURICH 1995STR60PRJunior576576
76ECH GYOR 2004AR40372372