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SCOTT, Steven - GBR nation flag  

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Year of birth1985Start of competing2003
Place of birthLewisham, GBRPractising shooter since2001
HometownBattle, GBRPersonal CoachSheikh Ahmed Almaktoum
ResidenceSussex, GBRNational CoachIan Coley
Height (cm)175Handednessright
Weight (kg)74Master Eyeright
Marital statussingleEventsTR125, DT150
Children Other sport activitiesnooker
Higher education Comments
HobbiesTennis, football  

Latest news about this athlete

Steven Scott doubles Great Britain’s Gold count, claims Double Trap Men title in Nicosia

The 30-year old from Battle, East Sussex, claimed the second international Gold of his career, twelve years after finishing 1st at the ISSF World Championship held right in Nicosia in 2003.


Eller (USA) wins gold, Britain and Germany get quotas at Gabala Double Trap

USA's Walton Eller won the gold at the men's double trap in Gabala. At the same time, Scott and Goldbrunner gave Great Britain and Germany quota places for Rio 2016.


Richmond back atop of the Double Trap Men worlds podium, four years later

The US finalist shot two perfect rounds in the semi-final and in the Gold medal match, leaving no chances to his opponent Barillà of Italy. The Italian team finished atop of the teams podium.



RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
3OG RIO DE JANEIRO 2016DT150138 (26)30
13OG BEIJING 2008DT150134134
1WCH NICOSIA 2003DT150Junior137137
3WCH GRANADA 2014DT150143 (28)27
4WCH NICOSIA 2007DT15014148189
8WCH MOSCOW 2017DT150138
8WCH MARIBOR 2009DT150141141
19WCH MUNICH 2010DT150142142
22WCH LIMA 2013DT150126
23WCH LONATO 2005DT150129129
44WCH ZAGREB 2006DT150122122
45WCH BELGRADE 2011DT150137137
1WCF NICOSIA 2015DT150138 (29)27
5WCF ROME 2016DT150141 (27)
10WCF GABALA 2014DT150138
2WC GABALA 2015DT150143 (30)26
4WC NEW DELHI 2017DT15013946
4WC LARNAKA 2015DT150142 (27)28
5WC LONATO 2010DT15014249191
6WC NICOSIA 2013DT150136 (23)
7WC TUCSON 2014DT150138
8WC SAN MARINO 2016DT150138
8WC SANTO DOMINGO 2007DT150138138
9WC MUNICH 2014DT150144
9WC SYDNEY 2011DT150138138
9WC KERRVILLE 2008DT150139139
11WC DORSET 2010DT150138138
11WC CHANGWON 2007DT150135135
12WC NICOSIA 2016DT150134
12WC MARIBOR 2007DT150139139
14WC SAN MARINO 2009DT150137137
16WC ACAPULCO 2013DT150128
18WC AL AIN 2015DT150136
18WC BEIJING 2011DT150135135
18WC AMERICANA 2005DT150125125
19WC GRANADA 2013DT150136
19WC AL AIN 2013DT150133
19WC SUHL 2008DT150136136
19WC ROME 2005DT150131131
19WC ATHENS 2004DT150127127
20WC CAIRO 2006DT150131131
21WC BELGRADE 2008DT150136136
23WC TUCSON 2012DT150137137
25WC LONATO 2007DT150134134
26WC BELGRADE 2005DT150132132
30WC MARIBOR 2011DT150137137
30WC CHANGWON 2005DT150112112
31WC BEIJING 2008DT150132132
32WC LONATO 2003DT150121121
43WC SUHL 2006DT150122122
50WC ACAPULCO 2019TR125119
1ECH SARLOSPUSZTA 2014DT150140 (27)29
1ECH NICOSIA 2008DT15014348191
1ECH BRNO 2003DT150Junior13544179
2ECH LARNAKA 2012DT15014248190
3ECH GRANADA 2007DT15014046186
3ECH NICOSIA 2004DT150Junior13744181
5ECH BELGRADE 2005DT150Junior13342175
7ECH LONATO 2016DT150136
8ECH MARIBOR 2015DT150139
9ECH SUHL 2013DT150139
9ECH KAZAN 2010DT150135135
9ECH OSIJEK 2009DT150140140
9ECH MARIBOR 2006DT150133133
5EUG BAKU 2015DT150142 (28)