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BOGNAR, Richard - HUN nation flag  

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Year of birth1967Start of competing 
Place of birth Practising shooter since 
Hometown Personal Coach 
Residence National Coach 
Height (cm) Handedness 
Weight (kg) Master Eye 
Marital status EventsDT150
Children Other sport activities 
Higher education Comments 


RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
6OG LONDON 2012DT15013745182
5WCH MUNICH 2010DT15014545190
10WCH GRANADA 2014DT150140
10WCH NICOSIA 2007DT150140140
17WCH MARIBOR 2009DT150138138
26WCH ZAGREB 2006DT150131131
27WCH BELGRADE 2011DT150141141
30WCH LONATO 2015DT150130
55WCH LONATO 2005DT150109109
10WCF AL AIN 2011DT150134134
6WC MARIBOR 2011DT15014546191
6WC LONATO 2010DT15014445189
8WC SUHL 2008DT150141141
9WC BELGRADE 2008DT150141141
10WC SANTO DOMINGO 2007DT150137137
13WC SAN MARINO 2016DT150134
13WC CONCEPCION 2011DT150140140
18WC GABALA 2015DT150138
18WC MUNICH 2014DT150140
18WC BEIJING 2008DT150137137
20WC SAN MARINO 2009DT150134134
24WC GRANADA 2013DT150135
25WC AL AIN 2015DT150133
25WC LONDON 2012DT150132132
27WC NICOSIA 2013DT150123
29WC LONATO 2012DT150135135
32WC BEIJING 2011DT150130130
35WC MARIBOR 2007DT150132132
36WC LARNAKA 2015DT150130
38WC MUNICH 2009DT150133133
40WC BELGRADE 2005DT150118118
42WC SUHL 2006DT150124124
45WC LONATO 2007DT150127127
47WC ROME 2005DT150110110
7ECH MARIBOR 2006DT150134134
8ECH GRANADA 2007DT150139139
10ECH LARNAKA 2012DT150139139
10ECH OSIJEK 2009DT150138138
11ECH LONATO 2016DT150133
11ECH BELGRADE 2011DT150141141
13ECH NICOSIA 2008DT150135135
14ECH KAZAN 2010DT150130130
16ECH MARIBOR 2015DT150131
20ECH SUHL 2013DT150131
2EUG BAKU 2015DT150142 (30)26