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RATHORE, Rajyavardhan Singh - IND nation flag  

Personal data:

Sport associated data:

Year of birth1970Start of competing1998
Place of birthJaisalmer, INDPractising shooter since1998
HometownJaipur, INDPersonal Coach 
ResidenceNew Delhi, INDNational CoachSunny Thomas
Height (cm)182Handednessright
Weight (kg)80Master Eyeright
Marital statusmarriedEventsDT150
Children2Other sport activitiesBoxing, basketball, golf, polo
Higher educationMaster in strategic studiesComments 
HobbiesHunting, music, movies  


RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
2OG ATHENS 2004DT15013544179
15OG BEIJING 2008DT150131131
3WCH NICOSIA 2003DT15014148189
8WCH ZAGREB 2006DT150139139
12WCH LAHTI 2002DT150136136
14WCH LONATO 2005DT150134134
22WCH TAMPERE 1999DT150131131
28WCH BELGRADE 2011DT150141141
28WCH NICOSIA 2007DT150136136
3WCF GRANADA 2006DT15014445189
7WCF ROME 2003DT150134134
1WC CAIRO 2006DT15013745182
1WC SYDNEY 2004DT15014146187
3WC NEW DELHI 2003DT15014144185
4WC GRANADA 2003DT15013839177
5WC CHANGWON 2005DT15013339172
5WC NEW DEHLI 2000DT15013545180
6WC KERRVILLE 2006DT15013643179
6WC BELGRADE 2005DT15014241183
6WC ATHENS 2004DT15013438172
7WC KERRVILLE 2008DT150140140
7WC ROME 2005DT150135135
8WC QINGYUAN CITY 2006DT150136136
8WC LONATO 2003DT150132132
9WC MARIBOR 2007DT150140140
11WC LONATO 2001DT150134134
12WC TUCSON 2012DT150141141
14WC LONATO 2012DT150140140
17WC SYDNEY 2011DT150136136
20WC LONATO 1999DT150131131
21WC AL AIN 2013DT150133
22WC SUHL 2008DT150135135
23WC LONATO 2007DT150134134
23WC SYDNEY 2002DT150129129
24WC BELGRADE 2008DT150134134
25WC KUMAMOTO 1999DT150136136
26WC SYDNEY 2000DT150131131
27WC LONDON 2012DT150130130
29WC BEIJING 2008DT150132132
31WC CONCEPCION 2011DT150133133
35WC LONATO 2000DT150121121
37WC SUHL 2002DT150124124
42WC SHANGHAI 2002DT150118118
1ASC KUALA LUMPUR 2011DT15014846194EWR
1ASC SINGAPORE 2006DT15014248190
1ASC BANGKOK 2005DT15014442186
1ASC BANGKOK 2004DT15013243175
1ASC NEW DELHI 2003DT15013941180
3ASC PATIALA 2012DT15013647183
4ASC BANGKOK 2001DT15012441165
5ASC BANGKOK 2002DT15012844172
6ASC KUALA LUMPUR 2004DT15013442176
8ASC MANILA 2007DT150134134
9ASC DOHA 2012DT150135135
9ASC JAIPUR 2008DT150129129
11ASC LANGKAWI 2000DT150124124
3ASG DOHA 2006DT15013946185
11ASG BANGKOK 1998DT150121121
12ASG BUSAN 2002DT150132132