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SUPPO, Michela - ITA nation flag  

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GenderWClubForestry Corp
Year of birth1971Start of competing1987
Place of birthTorino, ITAPractising shooter since1986
HometownMonta, ITAPersonal CoachP. Carlo Suppo
ResidenceMonta, ITANational Coachaldo Andreotti
Height (cm)164Handednessright
Weight (kg)60Master Eyeright
Marital statusmarriedEventsAP40, SP
Children Other sport activities 
Higher educationHigh SchoolComments 


RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
19OG ATLANTA 1996AP40378378
24OG BARCELONA 1992AP40375375
30OG ATLANTA 1996SP567567
40OG BARCELONA 1992SP559559
7WCH STAVANGER 1991AP40Junior366366
17WCH BARCELONA 1998AP40379379
19WCH LAHTI 2002SP576576
28WCH MILAN 1994SP572572
29WCH ZAGREB 2006SP573573
37WCH LAHTI 2002AP40376376
44WCH BARCELONA 1998SP570570
47WCH MILAN 1994AP40371371
95WCH ZAGREB 2006AP40368368
3WCF MUNICH 1992AP4037897.8475.8
5WCF BANGKOK 2008AP4038298.8480.8
7WCF MUNICH 1993AP4037498.5472.5
2WC MILAN 1992AP4038597.5482.5
3WC RIO DE JANEIRO 2008AP4038397.7480.7
3WC MILANO 2001AP40381101.6482.6
3WC LOS ANGELES 1993AP4038195.5476.5
4WC LOS ANGELES 1993SP58095.6675.6
5WC HAVANA 1997AP4038094.5474.5
5WC MUNICH 1995SP58499.1683.1
5WC BEIJING 1994AP4038095.1475.1
6WC HAVANA 1996AP4037896.1474.1
6WC BARCELONA 1994AP4038295.3477.3
7WC RESENDE 2006AP4038295.6477.6
7WC MUNICH 2003SP58199680
7WC MILANO 2001SP57895.2673.2
7WC HAVANA 1995SP57394.4667.4
8WC MUNICH 1997SP58098.7678.7
9WC HAVANA 1996SP573573
10WC SYDNEY 2002AP40377377
10WC ATLANTA 1998AP40380380
10WC HAVANA 1997SP563563
10WC HIROSHIMA 1995AP40379379
10WC HAVANA 1994SP569569
11WC BUENOS AIRES 1998SP577577
11WC MILAN 1996SP577577
11WC HAVANA 1994AP40377377
11WC BEIJING 1994SP570570
12WC RIO DE JANEIRO 2008SP575575
12WC MUNICH 2001SP576576
12WC ATLANTA 1999AP40382382
12WC MILANO 1997SP579579
14WC MUNICH 2000SP578578
15WC BARCELONA 1994SP571571
16WC RESENDE 2006SP574574
16WC SYDNEY 2004SP575575
16WC ATLANTA 1998SP572572
16WC MUNICH 1996AP40379379
17WC SYDNEY 2002SP568568
17WC SHANGHAI 2002SP576576
17WC SHANGHAI 2002AP40379379
18WC MUNICH 2007AP40381381
18WC ATLANTA 1999SP576576
18WC MUNICH 1996SP579579
19WC HIROSHIMA 1995SP570570
19WC HAVANA 1995AP40373373
20WC MILAN 1996AP40377377
20WC SEOUL 1995AP40379379
20WC MILAN 1994SP572572
21WC MILANO 1997AP40377377
21WC ATLANTA 1996SP576576
21WC FORT BENNING 1994SP566566
22WC SYDNEY 2004AP40377377
23WC MUNICH 1998SP575575
23WC SEOUL 1995SP573573
24WC MUNICH 1997AP40376376
25WC MUNICH 2007SP576576
25WC BUENOS AIRES 1998AP40372372
26WC MILANO 2000SP572572
26WC MUNICH 1999AP40380380
27WC BANGKOK 2007SP575575
27WC MUNICH 1999SP573573
27WC MILAN 1995SP573573
27WC MILAN 1994AP40374374
29WC BANGKOK 2007AP40380380
29WC ZAGREB 2003AP40378378
29WC MILANO 1999AP40378378
30WC MILANO 2002AP40377377
31WC MUNICH 2008AP40380380
31WC MILAN 1995AP40376376
32WC MILANO 1998AP40376376
33WC ZAGREB 2003SP571571
34WC MILANO 1999SP569569
35WC FORT BENNING 2007SP568568
36WC BEIJING 2008AP40378378
36WC MILAN 2005AP40377377
37WC FORT BENNING 2007AP40373373
37WC MILANO 2000AP40374374
37WC ATLANTA 1996AP40374374
38WC MUNICH 1995AP40374374
39WC MUNICH 2008SP570570
41WC MILAN 2009SP566566
42WC MILAN 2004AP40374374
42WC MUNICH 2003AP40375375
43WC MILAN 2005SP569569
43WC MILANO 1998SP569569
44WC MILAN 2008AP40376376
44WC MUNICH 2006AP40377377
46WC MUNICH 2009AP40374374
51WC BEIJING 2008SP564564
51WC MILANO 2002SP560560
52WC MUNICH 2011SP570570
52WC MILAN 2009AP40372372
56WC MUNICH 2011AP40377377
56WC MILAN 2008SP559559
58WC MILAN 2006SP563563
58WC MILAN 2006AP40374374
60WC MUNICH 2009SP557557
63WC MUNICH 2000AP40368368
63WC MUNICH 1998AP40369369
75WC MUNICH 2006SP557557
1ECH ZAGREB 2001SP58399.7682.7
5ECH THESSALONIKI 2002AP4038198.8479.8
5ECH MANCHESTER 1991AP40Junior374374
7ECH KOUVOLA 1997SP57597.2672.2
7ECH BRNO 1993SP57896.6674.6
9ECH MUNICH 2000AP40380380
11ECH TALLINN 1998AP40379379
12ECH WINTERTHUR 2008AP40380380
13ECH ZURICH 1995SP575575
14ECH STRASBOURG 1994AP40380380
15ECH ARNHEM 1999AP40378378
15ECH BUDAPEST 1996AP40378378
20ECH GOTHENBURG 2003AP40378378
22ECH PLZEN 2003SP571571
23ECH PONTEVEDRA 2001AP40375375
24ECH WARSAW 1997AP40376376
26ECH BORDEAUX 1999SP572572
27ECH DEAUVILLE 2007AP40377377
30ECH PRAGUE 2009AP40376376
32ECH GYOR 2004AP40375375
33ECH VANTAA 1995AP40372372
34ECH MOSCOW 2006AP40377377
35ECH MERAKER 2010AP40376376
36ECH GRANADA 2007SP568568
39ECH BRESCIA 2011AP40375375
43ECH BELGRADE 2011SP558558
52ECH VIERUMAEKI 2012AP40370370
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