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CHUN, Hongjae - KOR nation flag  

Personal data:

Sport associated data:

GenderMClubKorea Telecom
Year of birth1989Start of competing2005
Place of birthDaejeon, KORPractising shooter since2005
HometownDaejeon, KORPersonal CoachSong, Nam Jan
ResidenceDaejeon, KORNational Coach 
Height (cm)175Handednessleft
Weight (kg)80Master Eyeleft
Marital statussingleEventsDT150
Children Other sport activitiesSnowboarding
Higher educationUniversityComments
HobbiesListening to music  


RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
16WCH MUNICH 2010DT150142142
35WCH MOSCOW 2017DT150119
22WC BEIJING 2011DT150133133
22WC SYDNEY 2011DT150133133
27WC BEIJING 2014DT150107
43WC MARIBOR 2011DT150131131
7ASC DOHA 2012DT150136136
23ASG INCHEON 2014DT150127
23ASG GUANGZHOU 2010DT150127127