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DA SILVA LOUREIRO, Fabio - LUX nation flag  

Personal data:

Sport associated data:

Year of birth1988Start of competing2015
Place of birthLUXPractising shooter since2010
HometownLUXPersonal CoachArnaldo Loureiro
ResidenceLUXNational CoachFrank Best
Height (cm)176Handednessright
Weight (kg)74Master Eyeright
Marital statussingleEventsTR125
Children Other sport activitiesSoccer
Higher educationBachelor of EconomiesComments
HobbiesSoccer, Shooting  
LanguagesEnglish, Luxembourgish, French, German, Portuguese  


RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
82WCH MOSCOW 2017TR125112
131WCH LONATO 2015TR125106
46WC NICOSIA 2016TR125114
84WC LARNAKA 2017TR125110
92WC SIGGIEWI 2018TR125100
108WC SAN MARINO 2016TR125101
64ECH LONATO 2016TR125111
65ECH BAKU 2017TR125104