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FELICIANO, Adolfo - PHI nation flag  
Gender: M


RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
22OG MEXICO CITY 1968300FR3X4011081108
28OG ROME 1960300FR3X4010721072
34OG MEXICO CITY 1968FR3X4011331133
34OG TOKYO 1964FR60PR588588
40OG ROME 1960FR3X4011031103
42OG TOKYO 1964FR3X4010941094
67OG MEXICO CITY 1968FR60PR583583
1ASC TOKYO 1967STR3X20M566566
4ASC TOKYO 1967AR40M361361
4ASC TOKYO 1967FR60PR590590
1ASG TOKYO 1958300FR3X4010691069
1ASG MANILA 1954FR3X4011221122
2ASG BANGKOK 1966STR3X20M540540
2ASG JAKARTA 1962FR3X4010881088
3ASG BANGKOK 1966FR3X4011011101
3ASG BANGKOK 1966FR60PR583583
3ASG TOKYO 1958FR3X4010711071
5ASG BANGKOK 1966AR40M369369