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CHERNOUSOV, Artem - RUS nation flag  

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Year of birth1996Start of competing 
Place of birth Practising shooter since 
Hometown Personal Coach 
Residence National Coach 
Height (cm) Handedness 
Weight (kg) Master Eye 
Marital status EventsAP60, FP
Children Other sport activities 
Higher education Comments 

Latest news about this athlete

Chernousov wins breathtaking final by 0.2 to secure Air Pistol gold

The Russian athlete went from having 4.1 points of advantage on his followers after the 18th shot, down to a thin margin of 0.2 ahead of the 24th and last shot. He beat India’s world record holder Rizvi, and Bulgaria’s Donkov.



RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
1WC CHANGWON 2018AP60584240.0
5WC MUNICH 2018AP60590179.4
16WC GABALA 2017AP60575
42WC BAKU 2016FP538
52WC BAKU 2016AP60563
1JWC GABALA 2016FPJunior546182.9
1JWC GABALA 2016AP60Junior568199.7
3JWC SUHL 2016AP60Junior575174.9
12JWC SUHL 2016FPJunior535
2IJC SUHL 2015AP60Junior576196.2
8IJC SUHL 2015FPJunior55268.4
1ECH GYOR 2016AP60Junior574197.2
1ECH ARNHEM 2015AP60Junior573198.7
2ECH GYOR 2018AP60584239.8
2ECH TALLINN 2016FPJunior543183.8
18ECH MARIBOR 2017AP60576