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GALKINA, Lioubov - RUS nation flag  

Personal data:

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Year of birth1973Start of competing1987
Place of birthAlapaevsk, RUSPractising shooter since1986
HometownDomodedovo, RUSPersonal CoachAllan Erdman
ResidenceMoscow, RUSNational CoachAndrey Ananiev
Height (cm)165Handednessright
Weight (kg)57Master Eyeright
Marital statusmarriedEventsAR40, STR3X20, STR60PR
Children1Other sport activitiesHandball
Higher educationTechnical Univ., Humanitarian Univ.Comments


RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
1OG ATHENS 2004STR3X20587101.4688.4FOR
2OG BEIJING 2008AR40399103.1502.1
2OG ATHENS 2004AR40399102.5501.5OR
4OG BEIJING 2008STR3X20585102.4687.4
4OG SYDNEY 2000AR40395101.7496.7
10OG LONDON 2012AR40396396
28OG LONDON 2012STR3X20577577
1WCH ZAGREB 2006STR3X2058698.3684.3
4WCH BARCELONA 1998AR40394101.9495.9
7WCH MUNICH 2010STR3X2058495.1679.1
13WCH LAHTI 2002AR40395395
13WCH LAHTI 2002STR3X20570570
18WCH ZAGREB 2006STR60PR590590
29WCH MUNICH 2010STR60PR592592
29WCH ZAGREB 2006AR40394394
30WCH LAHTI 2002STR60PR585585
87WCH MUNICH 2010AR40390390
1WCF GRANADA 2006STR3X20589100.7689.7
1WCF BANGKOK 2004STR3X20585102.2687.2
1WCF MILAN 2003STR3X20583103.3686.3
1WCF MUNICH 2002AR40400102.3502.3EWR
2WCF BANGKOK 2008AR40400101.9501.9EWR
3WCF WUXI 2009AR40399101500
3WCF BANGKOK 2008STR3X2058697.5683.5
4WCF BANGKOK 2004AR40398102.9500.9
5WCF WUXI 2009STR3X2058498.2682.2
5WCF MUNICH 2005STR3X2058597.5682.5
6WCF MILAN 2003AR40396102.8498.8
7WCF MUNICH 2010STR3X2057998.9677.9
7WCF GRANADA 2006AR40396103.8499.8
7WCF MUNICH 2002STR3X2057898.2676.2
10WCF MUNICH 2000STR3X20576576
1WC BEIJING 2009STR3X20578101.9679.9
1WC MILAN 2004STR3X20584100.3684.3
1WC BANGKOK 2004AR40400104.3504.3EWR
1WC MUNICH 2003AR40400103.3503.3EWR
1WC ATLANTA 2002AR40399103.3502.3
1WC SYDNEY 2002STR3X2058799.8686.8
2WC MUNICH 2008AR40398104502
2WC MILAN 2006AR40399102.7501.7
2WC ATHENS 2004STR3X20581100.2681.2
2WC BANGKOK 2004STR3X2058497.9681.9
2WC MUNICH 2003STR3X2058799.4686.4
2WC FORT BENNING, COLUMBUS, GA 2003STR3X2058498.8682.8
2WC FORT BENNING, COLUMBUS, GA 2003AR40397103.6500.6
2WC ATLANTA 2002STR3X2058697.8683.8
3WC BEIJING 2008STR3X20583102.3685.3
3WC MUNICH 2006STR3X20584100.9684.9
3WC MUNICH 2000STR3X2058497.9681.9
4WC BEIJING 2008AR40398103.2501.2
4WC MILAN 2006STR3X20579100.7679.7
5WC LONDON 2012STR3X20583100.1683.1
5WC BEIJING 2010STR3X2058297.5679.5
5WC MUNICH 2009AR40398102.9500.9
5WC MILAN 2004AR40396103.2499.2
5WC ATHENS 2004AR40397103.3500.3
5WC SYDNEY 2000AR4039799.9496.9
5WC MUNICH 1999AR40397102.5499.5
6WC BEIJING 2009AR40397101.8498.8
6WC SYDNEY 2002AR40396102.1498.1
6WC SEOUL 2001STR3X2057395.5668.5
7WC BEIJING 2010AR40397103.4500.4
9WC CHANGWON 2011STR3X20579579
9WC MUNICH 2008STR3X20582582
9WC ZAGREB 2003STR3X20578578
10WC ATLANTA 1998AR40392392
11WC FORT BENNING 2011STR3X20582582
11WC FORT BENNING 2010AR40396396
11WC SEOUL 1999STR3X20575575
13WC MUNICH 2012STR3X20582582
13WC MUNICH 2012AR40397397
14WC SYDNEY 2000STR3X20575575
15WC MUNICH 2009STR3X20581581
18WC MUNICH 2000AR40394394
18WC MILANO 1997AR40391391
19WC FORT BENNING 2010STR3X20578578
19WC MUNICH 2001STR3X20576576
22WC LONDON 2012AR40396396
22WC SEOUL 2001AR40386386
22WC MUNICH 1998AR40392392
27WC MUNICH 2001AR40393393
29WC MUNICH 1998STR3X20569569
36WC FORT BENNING 2011AR40394394
39WC CHANGWON 2011AR40393393
41WC MUNICH 2006AR40394394
42WC SEOUL 1999AR40387387
1ECH WINTERTHUR 2008AR40398104.4502.4
1ECH GOTHENBURG 2003AR40399102.5501.5
1ECH BORDEAUX 1999STR3X20582101.8683.8
2ECH TALLINN 2005AR40398103.8501.8
2ECH ARNHEM 1999AR40397102.8499.8
3ECH BELGRADE 2011STR3X2058397.5680.5
3ECH PLZEN 2003STR3X20582100.7682.7
3ECH THESSALONIKI 2002AR40396102.9498.9
3ECH PONTEVEDRA 2001AR40397103.3500.3
3ECH TALLINN 1998AR40395101.3496.3
6ECH BELGRADE 2005STR3X2057597.8672.8
6ECH ZAGREB 2001STR3X2057998.4677.4
10ECH PRAGUE 2009AR40396396
16ECH MUNICH 2000AR40392392
19ECH GYOR 2004AR40394394
21ECH MERAKER 2010AR40394394
21ECH OSIJEK 2009STR3X20575575
23ECH OSIJEK 2009STR60PR588588
28ECH ZAGREB 2001STR60PR582582
36ECH OSIJEK 2013STR3X20573
40ECH VIERUMAEKI 2012AR40392392
47ECH BELGRADE 2011STR60PR583583
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