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AYVAZYAN, Artur - UKR nation flag  

Personal data:

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Year of birth1973Start of competing1986
Place of birthYerevan, ARMPractising shooter since1985
HometownSimferopol, UKRPersonal CoachBogdan Klimenko
ResidenceSimferopol, UKRNational CoachStepan Starinskiy
Height (cm)177Handednessright
Weight (kg)82Master Eyeright
Marital statussingleEventsAR60, FR3X40, FR60PR, 300FR3X40, 300FR60PR
Children Other sport activities 
Higher education Comments
HobbiesScuba diving  
LanguagesRussian, Armenian, English  


RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
1OG BEIJING 2008FR60PR599103.7702.7
5OG SYDNEY 2000FR3X40117096.61266.6
7OG ATHENS 2004FR3X401166951261
8OG SYDNEY 2000AR60592100692
9OG ATHENS 2004FR60PR594594
10OG LONDON 2012FR3X4011681168
19OG LONDON 2012AR60593593
19OG BEIJING 2008FR3X4011651165
21OG LONDON 2012FR60PR593593
21OG BEIJING 2008AR60592592
22OG ATHENS 2004AR60591591
30OG SYDNEY 2000FR60PR591591
4WCH BARCELONA 1998FR3X40117294.81266.8
9WCH MUNICH 2010FR3X4011721172
12WCH MILAN 1994FR3X4011601160
16WCH ZAGREB 2006FR3X4011651165
19WCH TOLMEZZO 1994300FR3X4011371137
22WCH LAHTI 2002AR60591591
28WCH MUNICH 2010FR60PR595595
28WCH LAHTI 2002FR3X4011391139
29WCH MUNICH 2010AR60593593
33WCH ZAGREB 2006AR60592592
34WCH MILAN 1994FR60PR590590
35WCH BARCELONA 1998AR60587587
51WCH LAHTI 2002FR60PR585585
54WCH ZAGREB 2006FR60PR587587
74WCH MILAN 1994AR60577577
2WCF BANGKOK 2008FR3X40116699.71265.7
3WCF BANGKOK 2007FR3X401166981264
3WCF MUNICH 2002FR60PR597103700
3WCF MUNICH 2001FR3X40117897.31275.3
4WCF ZURICH 1998FR3X4011611001261
5WCF BANGKOK 2008FR60PR595104.1699.1
7WCF WUXI 2009FR60PR592104.1696.1
7WCF BANGKOK 2008AR60596104.2700.2
7WCF MUNICH 2005FR3X40115599.61254.6
7WCF BANGKOK 2004AR60594102.8696.8
7WCF BANGKOK 2004FR60PR593103.7696.7
7WCF MUNICH 2000FR3X40116595.21260.2
8WCF MUNICH 2013FR3X401168402.5
9WCF WUXI 2009AR60591591
11WCF GRANADA 2006FR3X4011551155
1WC MILAN 2008FR3X401175100.51275.5
1WC MILAN 2004FR60PR596104.3700.3
1WC SEOUL 2001FR3X40117294.81266.8
1WC MILANO 2000FR3X40117495.31269.3
1WC BUENOS AIRES 1998FR3X40116995.61264.6
2WC MILAN 2009AR60596102.8698.8
2WC MILAN 2006FR3X40117098.11268.1
2WC MILAN 2005FR3X40116997.21266.2
2WC SYDNEY 2002FR60PR598102.5700.5
2WC MUNICH 2000FR3X40117198.61269.6
3WC FORT BENNING 2007FR3X40117497.61271.6
3WC SYDNEY 2004AR60595102.4697.4
3WC ATLANTA 2001FR60PR592103.7695.7
4WC CHANGWON 2011AR60597103.2700.2
4WC MILAN 2008AR60597103.2700.2
4WC BANGKOK 2004FR3X40116396.81259.8
4WC ZAGREB 2003FR3X40116598.51263.5
4WC MILANO 2001FR3X40117286.61258.6
4WC MUNICH 2001FR3X40117695.21271.2
4WC SYDNEY 2000FR60PR596104.2700.2
4WC ATLANTA 2000FR60PR596103.4699.4
5WC MUNICH 2008AR60597102.4699.4
5WC BEIJING 2008FR60PR596105701
5WC MUNICH 2008FR60PR597103.1700.1
5WC BANGKOK 2007FR3X40116897.71265.7
5WC BANGKOK 2007AR60596101.5697.5
5WC CHANGWON 2005FR3X40115996.71255.7
5WC SYDNEY 2004FR3X40116798.41265.4
5WC MUNICH 2003FR3X40117192.91263.9
5WC MUNICH 1997AR60592102.6694.6
6WC GRANADA 2013FR3X401180411.4WR
6WC MUNICH 2009FR60PR597103.8700.8
6WC MILAN 2009FR60PR593104697
6WC BEIJING 2008FR3X401162100.11262.1
6WC FORT BENNING 2007AR60595102.9697.9
6WC BANGKOK 2004FR60PR594100.2694.2
6WC MILANO 2002FR60PR596101.4697.4
6WC ATLANTA 2002FR3X40117099.61269.6
6WC SYDNEY 2002FR3X401169991268
6WC SEOUL 2001AR6059599.7694.7
6WC BUENOS AIRES 1998AR6059498.4692.4
7WC FORT BENNING 2011FR60PR596102.9698.9
7WC MUNICH 2011FR3X40117597.91272.9
7WC FORT BENNING, GA 2005FR3X401167961263
7WC MUNICH 2003AR60596101.6697.6
7WC MILANO 2001AR60595101.1696.1
7WC MUNICH 2001AR60596100.6696.6
7WC ATLANTA 2001FR3X40117490.71264.7
7WC ATLANTA 2000AR6059399.4692.4
7WC SYDNEY 2000AR6059398.4691.4
8WC MILAN 2012FR3X40116894.51262.5
8WC MILAN 2004FR3X40117493.21267.2
8WC FORT BENNING, COLUMBUS, GA 2003AR6059398.8691.8
8WC ZAGREB 2003AR6059799.4696.4
8WC MILANO 2002FR3X40116793.21260.2
8WC MUNICH 2001FR60PR59699695
8WC SEOUL 2001FR60PR593102.5695.5
8WC MILANO 2000AR60593100.5693.5
8WC MUNICH 1997FR3X40116289.21251.2
9WC SYDNEY 2007FR3X4011701170
9WC ATHENS 2004FR3X4011691169
9WC SHANGHAI 2002FR3X4011681168
9WC MILANO 1998FR60PR594594
10WC MUNICH 1998FR3X4011631163
11WC MUNICH 2011AR60596596
11WC RESENDE 2006FR3X4011651165
11WC SHANGHAI 2002AR60594594
11WC ATLANTA 2001AR60592592
11WC MUNICH 2000AR60593593
11WC MILAN 1995FR60PR593593
12WC BELGRADE 2010FR3X4011661166
12WC MUNICH 2008FR3X4011671167
12WC SYDNEY 2007AR60594594
12WC MUNICH 2006FR60PR594594
12WC MILAN 2004AR60593593
12WC BANGKOK 2004AR60594594
12WC MILANO 2002AR60593593
12WC ATLANTA 2000FR3X4011651165
12WC ATLANTA 1999FR3X4011641164
12WC MILANO 1998AR60591591
13WC MUNICH 2009AR60596596
13WC BEIJING 2008AR60595595
13WC ATLANTA 2002AR60592592
14WC FORT BENNING, GA 2005AR60594594
14WC SEOUL 1999FR60PR592592
14WC MUNICH 1997FR60PR593593
14WC MILAN 1994FR60PR591591
15WC GUANGZHOU 2006FR3X4011631163
15WC MUNICH 2005AR60595595
15WC SHANGHAI 2002FR60PR593593
15WC ATLANTA 1996FR3X4011591159
16WC FORT BENNING 2013FR3X401164
16WC CHANGWON 2005FR60PR590590
16WC SYDNEY 2002AR60593593
16WC ATLANTA 1999AR60591591
16WC BUENOS AIRES 1998FR60PR592592
17WC ATLANTA 2002FR60PR591591
17WC SEOUL 1999FR3X4011611161
17WC SEOUL 1999AR60591591
18WC MUNICH 2012FR3X4011701170
18WC MILANO 1998FR3X4011581158
18WC MILAN 1996FR3X4011611161
19WC MILAN 2009FR3X4011621162
19WC CHANGWON 2005AR60593593
19WC SYDNEY 2000FR3X4011611161
20WC SYDNEY 2011AR60593593
20WC FORT BENNING 2011FR3X4011661166
20WC RESENDE 2006AR60592592
20WC MUNICH 2003FR60PR593593
21WC MUNICH 2006FR3X4011591159
21WC ATHENS 2004AR60592592
21WC ATLANTA 1996AR60588588
22WC MILAN 2008FR60PR593593
22WC ATLANTA 1999FR60PR594594
23WC MUNICH 1998FR60PR590590
24WC GRANADA 2013FR60PR623.1
24WC BELGRADE 2010FR60PR592592
25WC LONDON 2012FR60PR588588
25WC MILANO 2001FR60PR588588
28WC MUNICH 1998AR60589589
28WC MILAN 1995FR3X4011561156
29WC SYDNEY 2011FR3X4011541154
29WC MUNICH 2009FR3X4011631163
29WC BANGKOK 2007FR60PR592592
29WC GUANGZHOU 2006AR60589589
29WC MILAN 1994AR60583583
30WC MUNICH 2007FR3X4011671167
30WC MUNICH 2005FR60PR590590
30WC MILAN 1996FR60PR591591
32WC MILAN 2012AR60593593
32WC CHANGWON 2011FR60PR587587
33WC MILAN 2005AR60590590
33WC MUNICH 2005FR3X4011561156
33WC MUNICH 2000FR60PR591591
33WC MILAN 1996AR60586586
34WC FORT BENNING 2011AR60592592
34WC FORT BENNING, GA 2005FR60PR591591
35WC ATLANTA 1996FR60PR590590
36WC MUNICH 2012AR60594594
36WC CHANGWON 2011FR3X4011551155
36WC ATHENS 2004FR60PR590590
37WC LONDON 2012FR3X4011451145
38WC GUANGZHOU 2006FR60PR584584
39WC FORT BENNING 2007FR60PR587587
40WC MILAN 1994FR3X4011431143
41WC RESENDE 2006FR60PR586586
41WC SYDNEY 2004FR60PR587587
43WC LONDON 2012AR60592592
43WC BELGRADE 2010AR60592592
43WC ZAGREB 2003FR60PR590590
44WC MUNICH 2007FR60PR593593
47WC MUNICH 2011FR60PR593593
50WC SYDNEY 2007FR60PR585585
51WC MUNICH 2012FR60PR591591
53WC MUNICH 2006AR60589589
54WC MILAN 2006AR60587587
69WC MUNICH 2007AR60588588
1ECH ZAGREB 2001FR3X40116997.71266.7
2ECH PLZEN 2003FR60PR598104.7702.7
3ECH BELGRADE 2005FR60PR597103.4700.4
3ECH BORDEAUX 1999FR3X40117095.61265.6
3ECH BRNO 1993FR3X40Junior11551155
4ECH MERAKER 2010AR60597101.7698.7
4ECH ARNHEM 1990AR60Junior585585URS
5ECH GRANADA 2007FR3X401166991265
5ECH ARNHEM 1999AR6059896.8694.8EWR
6ECH BRESCIA 2011AR6059699.7695.7
6ECH PRAGUE 2009AR60595101.7696.7
6ECH PLZEN 2003FR3X401171951266
8ECH MUNICH 2000AR6059497691
8ECH BRNO 1993FR60PRJunior590590
8ECH BRNO 1993AR60Junior581581
11ECH BELGRADE 2011FR3X4011651165
13ECH OSIJEK 2013FR3X401165
13ECH OSIJEK 2009FR60PR594594
13ECH DEAUVILLE 2007AR60594594
13ECH KOUVOLA 1997FR60PR595595
13ECH KOUVOLA 1997FR3X4011611161
14ECH BELGRADE 2005FR3X4011611161
14ECH GYOR 2004AR60592592
16ECH OSIJEK 2009FR3X4011611161
16ECH TALLINN 2005AR60593593
16ECH VANTAA 1995AR60589589
17ECH TALLINN 1998AR60588588
18ECH ZAGREB 2001FR60PR593593
19ECH PONTEVEDRA 2001AR60589589
21ECH WARSAW 1997AR60587587
24ECH ZURICH 1995FR3X4011561156
25ECH GRANADA 2007FR60PR592592
25ECH GOTHENBURG 2003AR60590590
25ECH BUDAPEST 1996AR60589589
26ECH WINTERTHUR 2008AR60591591
26ECH STRASBOURG 1994AR60586586
33ECH BORDEAUX 1999FR60PR591591
34ECH OSIJEK 2013FR60PR620.3
36ECH ZURICH 1995FR60PR587587
48ECH MOSCOW 2006AR60587587
49ECH VIERUMAEKI 2012AR60589589
66ECH BELGRADE 2011FR60PR589589
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