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Meeting of the Athletes Committee with athletes and coaches from Team Denmark

A few months ago the Athletes Committee (AC) had the pleasure to host a meeting with athletes and coaches from Team Denmark. 



During the meeting the ISSF AC members Cassio Rippel - BRA, Daniele Di Spigno  - ITA and Petar Gorsa – CRO presented all the structure inside the AC, our expectations and all the work we have been doing to represent the athletes that elected us during the WCH Changwon 2018. 



The possibility to be in direct contact with all athletes around the world, present our work, answer their questions, rise and take notes of all their doubts and questions to bring to ISSF and better conduct our work inside the AC, excited us a lot. This virtual video meeting enabled contact between four different countries at the same time, uniting different continents and putting together in the same “virtual” room, athletes and coaches from our sport shooting world.


Now, we want to go further with more and more virtual meetings, make your country team available and let us know if you would like to book your turn! Contact us at   We are a great team and you, the athletes from every country around the world are part of our team!!!


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