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Bull’s eye on the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games

The Tokyo Olympic Games are fast approaching. As is the case for all Olympic Games, a robust anti-doping program has been put in place by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the Independent Testing Agency and the Tokyo Games Organizing Committee. 


To be aware of all protocols that will be in place in Tokyo all Athletes and national delegations should read the following documents:

·       Doping Control Guidebook for the Tokyo Olympic Games  20DOP1321000_Doping-Control-Guidebook_en_210202.pdf

·       Anti-Doping Rules applicable to the Tokyo Olympic Games IOC-Anti-Doping-Rules-applicable-to-the-Games-of-the-XXXII-Olympiad-Tokyo-2020-in-2021_clean.pdf


Please read these documents carefully. They contains links to various useful information.



As you know, ADEL is an online anti-doping platform that offers interactive and informative education modules for everyone involved in sport.  

All Athletes who have earned a Quota Place to compete in Tokyo are required to complete the Tokyo Olympic Games module before the Olympic Games. 

We also encourage you to get all your coaches to complete this module before Tokyo. 

ADEL is offered in many languages and this should simplify the completion of the module.

Please visit  Anti-Doping Education and Learning (

In order for ISSF to monitor your athletes’ mandatory successful completion of modules it is important that ISSF is designated as the relevant federation/organization on the ADEL registration page.

ISSF trusts that it can count on you, your athletes and your coaches to fulfill this requirement. 


ISSF reminds athletes, support personnel and the shooting sport community about the risks of using supplements and sport nutrition products – notably in the period leading up to the Games.

Many supplements contain prohibited substances even if they are not listed on the ingredient list. If you are tested and prohibited substances are found in your urine sample, even if they came from a contaminated supplement, the principle of strict liability makes you responsible for any thing found in your system. This means that you risk being disqualified from the Olympics. 

If you are currently thinking of starting to use or are currently taking a supplement or any other preparation that may contain prohibited substances, IF YOU ARE NOT SURE IF IT IS SAFE and IF YOU DON’T HAVE A TUE… DON’T USE IT, DON’T EAT IT, DON’T DRINK IT and DON’T INGEST IT!



What is a TUE? 

Athletes, like all others, may have illnesses or conditions that require them to take medications. If the medication an athlete is required to take happens to fall under the Prohibited List, a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) can give the athlete authorisation to take the required medicine. 

Athletes are not automatically granted authorisation and must ensure they follow the appropriate process for their sport and competition level. 

Before the period of the Games (Before 13 July 2021) 

If the athlete already has a TUE 

If the TUE complete file is in ADAMS, no further action by the athlete is required unless the TUE needs to be renewed.   All pre-existing TUEs will be reviewed and will be recognised if they have been granted in accordance with the Anti-Doping Rules. 

If the complete file is not in ADAMS, the TUE cannot be recognised and the application will need to be resubmitted.  You will be so informed.

If the athlete needs to obtain a new TUE

The ISSF will be in charge of TUE management until 13 July 2021. 

If any of your athletes required a TUE prior to the Games, the form must be duly filled out and all supporting medical documentation attached to it and sent to .

The ISSF TUE Application Form can be downloaded here getfile.aspx (


During the period of the Games (13 July 2021 – 08 August 2021) 

In order to improve the security and processing times for TUE applications, the TUE process has been modified from previous OGs. The main changes compared to the previous Games are:

·       A helpdesk (TUE office) and phone number will be at the disposal of the athletes and their physicians to process the TUE applications. 

·       No TUE applications will be accepted by email. 

·       No physical mailboxes and therefore no paper forms will be accepted. 

The athlete and his/her physician must apply for the TUE at the dedicated office which will be in the Olympic village polyclinic in Tokyo.  In order to speed up the process, the Tokyo medical Team advises you to bring all medical documentation related to the case with you. 

In cases where the athlete cannot be present, his/her physician should initiate the process at the TUE office. 

For any other cases, a phone number will be made available during the Games Period which can be reached for guidance on the process. 

We all share the responsibility to ensure that no shooting sport athlete test positive for any prohibited substances and methods at the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Thank you all for your continued commitment to drug free sport.

We also take this opportunity to remind you to strictly follow all Covid-19 protocols while in Tokyo to keep everyone safe and healthy.

If you have any questions on this IPOD or any other anti-doping related matter, please direct them to


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