Olympic Games Qualification

Quota Places by Event and Name

Athletes who have won a Quota Place in the Mixed Team Events at the WCH Changwon 2018 are (still) eligible to obtain a Quota Place in Individual Events in the following Qualifying Competitions.

Version: (16.03.2020)

  still open2020CQC(Europe)
  still open2019OCHSydney
  Host Federation2020By ISSF Rule
  Tripartite Commission Invitation Place2020IOC Tripartite
  Tripartite Commission Invitation Place2020IOC Tripartite
  World Ranking2020By ISSF Rule
nation flagAUSADAMS, Emma2019OCHSydney
nation flagBLRMARTYNOVA, Maria2019ECHBologna
nation flagCHNPEI, Ruijiao2019WCRio de Janeiro
 CHNSHI, Mengyao2019WCNew Delhi
nation flagCROPEJCIC, Snjezana2018WCHChangwon
nation flagCUBDE LA CRUZ, Eglys Yahima2019PAGLima
nation flagDENNIELSEN, Stine2019ECHBologna
nation flagEGYSHABAN, Alzahraa2019AFCTipasa
nation flagGBRMCINTOSH, Seonaid2018WCHChangwon
nation flagGERSTRAUB, Isabella2018WCHChangwon
nation flagINDSAWANT, Tejaswini2019ASCDoha
nation flagIRIKARAMZADEH, Fatemeh2019ASCDoha
nation flagJPNHIRATA, Shiori2019ASCDoha
nation flagKORBAE, Sang Hee2019WCBeijing
 KORKIM, Jehee2019WCRio de Janeiro
nation flagNORDUESTAD, Jeanette Hegg2019WCBeijing
 NORLUND, Katrine2019WCMunich
nation flagRUSKARIMOVA, Yulia2018WCHChangwon
 RUSZYKOVA, Yulia2019WCMunich
nation flagSRBVUKASINOVIC, Sanja2019EUGMinsk
nation flagSUICHRISTEN, Nina2019WCNew Delhi
nation flagUSABEARD, Sarah2018CATGuadalajara
 USATHRASHER, Virginia2019PAGLima