World Records will be established in all recognized ISSF Men's, Women's, and Juniors' events in Olympic Games, World Championships, World Cups, Junior World Cupe, World Cup Finals, Continental Championships and Continental Games that have been conducted according to the ISSF Rules and Regulations.

World Records Junior will be recognized only in events for Juniors fired either as special Junior competitions in ISSF Championships or by Junior athletes competing in regular competitions in ISSF Championships.

World Records (WR) and World Records Junior (WRJ) for Olympic events will be established in the Finals of those events using Finals results only; World Records (WR) for recognized non-Olympic events will be established by using total competition results in those events.

Qualification World Records (QWR) and Qualification World Records Junior (QWRJ) will be established by using total results in Qualification (or Elimination) competitions in all Olympic events.

Olympic Records (OR) and Qualification Olympic Records (QOR) may only be established in the Olympic Games.