Trap Mixed Team Junior


8 Sep 2018, Start Time 08:30

NameNatRoundsTotalQS-offRemarks Targets
1Italy 1ITA 1444749140QF View Targets
2015PALMITESSA Maria Lucia 24232471
2010MARONGIU Matteo 20242569
2India 2IND 2454747139QF View Targets
1844KEER Manisha 21232367
1873RATHORE Manavaditya Singh 24242472
3United States of America 1USA 1454646137QF View Targets
3217WILLIAMS Emma Lee 23232167
3184LUCAS Logan Joseph 22232570
4Italy 2ITA 2454546136QF View Targets
2026SESSA Erica 22242470
1998FERRARI Lorenzo 23212266
5Australia 2AUS 2464643135QF View Targets
1056HUDSON-CZERNIECKI Charlie Anna 22211962
1057ILES-CREVATIN Mitchell 24252473
6People's Republic of China 2CHN 2434447134QF View Targets
1252GAO Wendi 22232469
1271OUYANG Yiliu 21212365
7Russian Federation 2RUS 2424447133 View Targets
2751RUDNEVA Angelina 21222467
2721ISAEV Dmitrii 21222366
8Russian Federation 1RUS 1454543133 View Targets
2752SEMIANOVA Daria 24242371
2739MAMKIN Gennadii 21212062
9GermanyGER444443131 View Targets
1707MURCHE Kathrin 21222063
1723SCHULZ Jeremy 23222368
10Republic of Korea 1KOR 1463845129 View Targets
2167KIM Bokyung 24202367
2226WI Donghyun 22182262
11SpainESP414047128 View Targets
1483MOLNE MAGRINA Mar 20202262
1480MARTINEZ TORRES Adria 21202566
12United States of America 2USA 2394346128 View Targets
3160GARRISON Carey Jeana 19232466
3199ROYER Dale Edward Francis 20202262
13India 1IND 1414145127 View Targets
1838GUPTA Soumya 20182159
1841KAPOOR Vivaan 21232468
14Great Britain 2GBR 2434143127 View Targets
1611FERGUSSON Rebecca Aimee 25232270
1600BOVINGDON Michael William Oliver 18182157
15Great Britain 1GBR 1434338124 View Targets
1605CAMPOS-MARTYN Augusta Rose 22231964
1609DEDMAN James 21201960
16Australia 1AUS 1414140122 View Targets
1060PRESTON Alexis Elsa 20171956
1049ARGIRO Nathan Steven 21242166
17People's Republic of China 1CHN 1413941121 View Targets
1250DUAN Yuwei 21161855
1263LI Cheng 20232366
18Republic of Korea 2KOR 2363437107 View Targets
2152JANG Kookhee 19201958
2156JEONG Rakhun 17141849
Bib NoBib Number
FPFiring Point
PosPosition in Squad
QFQualified for Finals
QS-offQualification Shoot-off


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