50m Rifle 3 Positions Women Junior


26 Jun 2018, Start Time 08:00

1People's Republic of ChinaCHN3497 - 167xWRJ 
Team Kneeling292296293291
Team Prone293295294299
Team Standing287291283283
1144WANG Zeru1172 - 59xView Targets
1153ZHANG Yu1168 - 56xView Targets
1124FU Yutian1157 - 52xView Targets
2United States of AmericaUSA3484 - 149x
Team Kneeling291290288288
Team Prone295291296298
Team Standing287290285285
2051PHILLIPS Morgan1175 - 55xView Targets
2048MARSH Elizabeth1167 - 49xView Targets
2043HEMPHILL Kristen Shae1142 - 45xView Targets
3Germany 1GER 13479 - 152x
Team Kneeling291289293290
Team Prone297291293291
Team Standing292284286282
1398TRIPP Johanna Theresa1160 - 52xView Targets
1388PETRY Sophie1160 - 52xView Targets
1396STEFFEN Hannah1159 - 48xView Targets
4AustriaAUT3478 - 144x
Team Kneeling289291288288
Team Prone297296298297
Team Standing287284284279
1036WAIBEL Sheileen1168 - 51xView Targets
1037ZAISBERGER Verena1158 - 51xView Targets
1031KOECK Rebecca1152 - 42xView Targets
5Russian Federation 1RUS 13478 - 142x
Team Kneeling285289289291
Team Prone298294292294
Team Standing284288283291
1829IVANOVA Maria1166 - 55xView Targets
1830KHARKOVA Tatiana1157 - 46xView Targets
1810BOLOTKOVA Polina1155 - 41xView Targets
6NorwayNOR3471 - 146x
Team Kneeling288290288288
Team Prone292295293297
Team Standing287286280287
1729STENE Jenny1170 - 58xView Targets
1727LOVSETH Mari Bardseng1157 - 41xView Targets
1730STETTE Karina1144 - 47xView Targets
7SwitzerlandSUI3469 - 146x
Team Kneeling288291296290
Team Prone292295289295
Team Standing281288280284
1919STARK Franziska1170 - 56xView Targets
1921ZUEGER Muriel1169 - 58xView Targets
1915OBERHOLZER Julia1130 - 32xView Targets
8Russian Federation 2RUS 23466 - 145x
Team Kneeling287288289289
Team Prone289296294292
Team Standing288284288282
1837PAVLOVA Veronika1160 - 48xView Targets
1809BOLDINOVA Daria1158 - 47xView Targets
1812BRATCHIKOVA Natalia1148 - 50xView Targets
9FinlandFIN3460 - 136x
Team Kneeling286281290287
Team Prone296295294294
Team Standing285284284284
1281PALO Marianne1158 - 40xView Targets
1276KUISMA Jenna1154 - 50xView Targets
1283VILJANEN Henna1148 - 46xView Targets
10HungaryHUN3458 - 121x
Team Kneeling287288286287
Team Prone292292295293
Team Standing280286286286
1421GASPAR Lalita1161 - 44xView Targets
1435TOMA Dorina1150 - 39xView Targets
1417DENES Eszter1147 - 38xView Targets
11ItalyITA3457 - 140x
Team Kneeling287288291288
Team Prone294296293296
Team Standing281282280281
1570GABRIELLI Nicole1155 - 49xView Targets
1558BENETTI Sofia1154 - 50xView Targets
1586SCIPPA Francesca1148 - 41xView Targets
12Germany 2GER 23454 - 128x
Team Kneeling289284285284
Team Prone295293296294
Team Standing283288279284
1372JANSSEN Anna1160 - 50xView Targets
1362FAUST Leah1152 - 41xView Targets
1352ANNA Katharina Maria1142 - 37xView Targets
13DenmarkDEN3451 - 139x
Team Kneeling283291286292
Team Prone295296294297
Team Standing276276278287
1231HERSKIND Christina1153 - 35xView Targets
1229GRUNDSOEE Stephanie Laura Scurrah1152 - 52xView Targets
1228CHRISTENSEN Kristine Rodsgaard1146 - 52xView Targets
14FranceFRA3447 - 116x
Team Kneeling292286284291
Team Prone284290293295
Team Standing281287281283
1296GIRARD Agathe Cecile Camille1154 - 46xView Targets
1297GOMEZ Emilie Pillar Francoise1150 - 34xView Targets
1290BOGARD Floriane1143 - 36xView Targets
15Czech Republic 1CZE 13444 - 140x
Team Kneeling284287284284
Team Prone296294292294
Team Standing279286284280
1192KARASOVA Sara1163 - 54xView Targets
1186HAJSMANOVA Eva1141 - 43xView Targets
1181BRABCOVA Karolina1140 - 43xView Targets
16Czech Republic 2CZE 23442 - 132x
Team Kneeling288285290284
Team Prone294292294293
Team Standing275286283278
1195KOLARIKOVA Katerina1157 - 54xView Targets
1215THURNWALDOVA Sabina1145 - 46xView Targets
1178BARTONICKOVA Vlasta1140 - 32xView Targets
17Poland 2POL 23429 - 129x
Team Kneeling285278284289
Team Prone293294292289
Team Standing278279278290
1753GRZYBOWSKA Julia Katarzyna1151 - 49xView Targets
1770ZAPARUCHA Aleksandra1145 - 43xView Targets
1757MODRZYK Barbara1133 - 37xView Targets
18Poland 1POL 13422 - 117x
Team Kneeling281283275286
Team Prone295293280291
Team Standing288278286286
1767SZUTKO Aleksandra1152 - 38xView Targets
1750BYKOWSKA Weronika1136 - 39xView Targets
1748BOBER Wiktoria Zuzanna1134 - 40xView Targets
19SerbiaSRB3419 - 104x
Team Kneeling290279284287
Team Prone286292288289
Team Standing286284277277
1895KOLAREVIC Marija1152 - 45xView Targets
1897MARIC Ivana1144 - 37xView Targets
1896MALIC Marija1123 - 22xView Targets
20IndiaIND3413 - 111x
Team Kneeling282284292281
Team Prone290289292296
Team Standing277280269281
1475KHAMKAR Bhakti Bhaskar1142 - 42xView Targets
1487PODDER Ayushi1137 - 35xView Targets
1468GODARA Shirin1134 - 34xView Targets
21BelarusBLR3405 - 126x
Team Kneeling282275287284
Team Prone293294290290
Team Standing280275276279
1067DZEHTSIARENKA Iryna1142 - 44xView Targets
1070PIATRYSHCHA Anastasiya1138 - 48xView Targets
1075YASKEVICH Alena1125 - 34xView Targets
22EstoniaEST3404 - 113x
Team Kneeling286282281284
Team Prone290288292290
Team Standing283273272283
1259BOBYLEVA Anastassia1148 - 42xView Targets
1263SMIRNOVA Katrin1137 - 38xView Targets
1261MERONEN Marjana-Kristiina1119 - 33xView Targets
23Great BritainGBR3330 - 84x
Team Kneeling278283280273
Team Prone287288285288
Team Standing275261271261
1319BALE Emily Louise1117 - 26xView Targets
1343TAYLOR Pheobe Victoria1114 - 33xView Targets
1344WALLS Victoria Jane Sophie1099 - 25xView Targets
Bib NoBib Number
FPFiring Point
PosPosition in Squad
QS-offQualification Shoot-off

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