50m Rifle 3 Positions Men Junior


19 Sep 2014, Start Time 09:00

1FranceFRA3498 - 169x
Team Kneeling289286292292
Team Prone300293298299
Team Standing285289289286
1774RAYNAUD Alexis1171 - 65xView Targets
1740CHASSAT Emilien1164 - 57xView Targets
1736BAUDOUIN Brian1163 - 47xView Targets
2GermanyGER3483 - 158x
Team Kneeling287291293289
Team Prone295296297291
Team Standing288284287285
1916LINK Andre1171 - 55xView Targets
1887FRUEH Johannes1159 - 54xView Targets
1873DALLINGER Maximilian1153 - 49xView Targets
3SwitzerlandSUI3478 - 163x
Team Kneeling289293291292
Team Prone297299293297
Team Standing277288283279
3121DUERR Christoph1162 - 53xView Targets
3137LUESCHER Manuel1160 - 55xView Targets
3130HUNOLD Patrick1156 - 55xView Targets
4People's Republic of ChinaCHN3467 - 148x
Team Kneeling285290289289
Team Prone294293293294
Team Standing285286286283
1393ZHAO Zhonghao1166 - 67xView Targets
1370WU Peng1163 - 50xView Targets
1331HE Hongcheng1138 - 31xView Targets
5Russian FederationRUS3458 - 140x
Team Kneeling288285292290
Team Prone293295296295
Team Standing278286281279
2979PANCHENKO Evgeny1166 - 52xView Targets
2958ISHCHENKO Evgeniy1149 - 46xView Targets
2953GOLOVIZNIN Ilia1143 - 42xView Targets
6United States of AmericaUSA3448 - 140x
Team Kneeling280288289286
Team Prone297297294295
Team Standing278283282279
3454SPURGEON Garrett1161 - 45xView Targets
3429KOZENIESKY Lucas1147 - 53xView Targets
3451SHERRY Timothy1140 - 42xView Targets
7NorwayNOR3445 - 145x
Team Kneeling291284286293
Team Prone293296293298
Team Standing275279275282
2636ELSTAD Jorgen1156 - 44xView Targets
2628BJORNSTAD Magnus1149 - 56xView Targets
2652LARSEN Henrik1140 - 45xView Targets
8Czech RepublicCZE3441 - 136x
Team Kneeling282290286288
Team Prone294285293296
Team Standing280279286282
1470CIPRO Adam1158 - 51xView Targets
1475ENTRICHEL Ales1143 - 40xView Targets
1495NYMBURSKY Petr1140 - 45xView Targets
9FinlandFIN3427 - 122x
Team Kneeling285285285289
Team Prone295298297297
Team Standing271275272278
1720STENSTROM Joni1154 - 46xView Targets
1711LEPPA Aleksi1144 - 41xView Targets
1697JARVA Aleksi1129 - 35xView Targets
10CroatiaCRO3427 - 118x
Team Kneeling285284284281
Team Prone294290290293
Team Standing278280286282
1433PETANJEK Borna1150 - 44xView Targets
1418CERINA Marin1148 - 48xView Targets
1428MIKULJAN Andrija1129 - 26xView Targets
11ItalyITA3424 - 119x
Team Kneeling282285285286
Team Prone291298286287
Team Standing276284282282
2239SUPPINI Marco1151 - 45xView Targets
2194BACCI Lorenzo1141 - 41xView Targets
2202CAPANO Giuseppe Pio1132 - 33xView Targets
12IndiaIND3413 - 110x
Team Kneeling280286288281
Team Prone290298294292
Team Standing266280275283
2041CHAUDHARI Ninad1139 - 33xView Targets
2088PRAMANICK Subhankar1138 - 42xView Targets
2105SHEORAN Akhil1136 - 35xView Targets
13PolandPOL3403 - 120x
Team Kneeling280288280291
Team Prone293293297292
Team Standing271271273274
2771MAJKA Marcin1140 - 43xView Targets
2770KUCZYNSKI Adam1134 - 39xView Targets
2788WOJTASIAK Maciej1129 - 38xView Targets
Team Kneeling
Team Prone
Team Standing
2843ALALI Ahmed MohsenDNS 
2859ALMUBARAK Mohammed SaadDNS 
2867ALSUNAIDI Abdullah ZainDNS 
Bib NoBib Number
DNSDid Not Start
FPFiring Point
PosPosition in Squad
QS-offQualification Shoot-off


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