TUESDAY 13.08 Arrival of Delegations
WEDNESDAY 14.08 Equipment Control Consultation Service Trap
Pre-Event Training Trap
Technical Meeting
Opening Ceremony
THURSDAY 15.08 Trap Women Day 1
Pre-Event Training Trap Men Day 2
FRIDAY 16.08 Trap Women Day 2
Final Trap Women
Victory Ceremony
Trap Men Day 1
SATURDAY 17.08 Trap Men Day 2
Final Trap Men
Victory Ceremony
SUNDAY 18.08 Trap Mixed Team
Final Trap Mixed Team
Victory Ceremony
Unofficial Training Skeet
MONDAY 19.08 Equipment Control Consultation Service Skeet
Pre-Event Training Skeet
TUESDAY 20.08 Skeet Women Day 1
Pre-Event Training Skeet Men Day 2
WEDNESDAY 21.08 Skeet Women Day 2
Final Skeet Women
Victory Ceremony
Skeet Men Day 1
THURSDAY 22.08 Skeet Men Day 2
Final Skeet Men
Victory Ceremony
FRIDAY 23.08 Departure of Delegations