Swedish Cup - International Air Gun Competition


Savsjo, SWE

2 Jan - 5 Jan 2021

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Due to the Covid 19 situation the competition will be arranged in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Shooters from these countries will be competing in their countries. Shooters from other countries may choose which country to compete in, regarding to travel restrictions due to Covid-19.

The venues:
The competition is arranged on the following sites:
Sweden: Rifle - Sävsjö Skyttecenter, Sävsjö. Pistol - Söraby Skytteförening, Rottne.
Denmark: Gundsølille Skytteforening 1865, Gundsølille, Roskilde.
Norway: Fredrikstad Skytterlag, Fredrikstad.
Finland: Turun Seudun Ampujat (TSA), Turku.