FRIDAY 05.04 Arrival of Delegations
SATURDAY 06.04 Equipment Control Consultation Service Trap
Pre-Event Training Trap
Technical Meeting
Opening Ceremony
SUNDAY 07.04 Trap Women Day 1
Pre-Event Training Trap Men Day 2
MONDAY 08.04 Trap Women Day 2
Final Trap Women
Victory Ceremony
Trap Men Day 1
TUESDAY 09.04 Trap Men Day 2
Final Trap Men
Victory Ceremony
WEDNESDAY 10.04 Trap Mixed Team
Final Trap Mixed Team
Victory Ceremony
THURSDAY 11.04 Equipment Control Consultation Service Skeet
Unofficial Training Skeet
FRIDAY 12.04 Equipment Control Consultation Service Skeet
Pre-Event Training Skeet
SATURDAY 13.04 Skeet Women Day 1
Pre-Event Training Skeet Men Day 2
SUNDAY 14.04 Skeet Women Day 2
Final Skeet Women
Victory Ceremony
Skeet Men Day 1
MONDAY 15.04 Skeet Men Day 2
Final Skeet Men
Victory Ceremony
TUESDAY 16.04 Departure of Delegations
General Information


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Tel: +971-3-7026407
Fax: +971-3-7683331

Ms. Rita Bou Eid Kfoury
Tawam Street
P.O. Box: 1671, Al Ain
United Arab Emirates