Trap Men Junior Day 1

Trap Men Junior – The thrilling match is still open

ISSF World Championships Shotgun · Maribor, SLO

Two shooters lead the provisory raking with a score of 73 hits out of 75 targets, but seven shooters are tied behind them. 50 targets are left to be shot, and the match is still open.

The recently awarded European Junior World Champion Paco MACHADO of Spain is leading the Trap Junior Men match after the first day of competition. After the first 75 targets, the young 19-year old athlete is leading the provisory ranking with a total score of 73 hits. MACHADO, who won the Junior title at the 2009 European Championships of Osijek last July, had participated also at the 2006 and 2007 ISSF Shotgun World Championships, placing 18th and 17th, respectively.

While the titleholder, the Italian shooter VALLIFUOCO, is not competing here in Maribor, another young and strong shooter is contending the leadership to MACHADO. Jacob TURNER of the United States of America, 20-year old, has also hit 73 targets tying MACHADO atop of the provisory Trap Men Junior Ranking. TURNER debuted this year in the ISSF World Cup Series, reaching an eighth place at the World Cup stage of Cairo, at the beginning of the 2009 season.

Following MACHADO and TURNER, seven athletes tied with a score of 72 targets. Between them, the 19-year old Finnish shooter Jesse KINNUNEN, who has taken part in all of this year’s ISSF World Cup Stages, and the 18-year old Indian Kynan CHENAI, winner of a Silver medal at last year’s Asian Championships. Both the runners-up shot three series of 24 hits today, and will get a chance to come back in the second part of the match, tomorrow.

The thrilling competition is not over yet: the 50 targets left to be shot will be determinant in deciding the medals, tomorrow.

Marco Dalla Dea


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