Skeet Women Junior

Skeet Women Junior event: two medals to Russia

ISSF World Championship Shotgun · Belgrade, SRB

The Russian Federation secured the individuals’ and the teams’ Gold medal thanks to Natalia Vinogradova

The Russian Federation turned out to the protagonist of today’s Skeet Women Junior event, at the 2011 ISSF Shotgun World Championship held at the Kovilovo Shooting Range of Belgrade, Serbia.


It was indeed Russia’s Natalia Vinogradova who won the individual competition, placing in first with an overall score of 71 hits.


The 1993’s shooter, together with her teammates Maria Meleshchenko and Ekaterina Begoulova, also won the teams Gold medal, with an overall score of 197 hits.


The individuals’ Silver medal went to France’s Lucie Anastassiou, second with 68+2 hits after shooting-off USA’s Morgan Craft, Bronze medallist with 68+1 hits.


The Skeet Women Junior teams’ Silver went to Great Britain (Hannah Louise Gibson, Sian Elizabeth Bruce and Sally Ann Bond) with 193 hits, while the teams’ Bronze was won by USA (Morgan Craft, Brandy N Drozd and Riley Ann Moody) with 193 targets as well.