Double Trap Men Junior

USA’s Crawford wins Double Trap Junior event with a new record

ISSF World Championship Shotgun · Belgrade, SRB

The young winner became the new World Champion, and pushed USA atop of the teams’ ranking with a score which cancelled the previous record lasting since 1998

USA finished atop of the Double Trap Men Junior rankings, today, at the 2011 ISSF Shotgun World Championship which is taking place at the Kovilovo Shooting Range in Belgrade, Serbia, in these days.


Williamo Crawford, Derek Haldeman and Ian Rupert secured the Gold medal with an overral score of 428 hits, establishing a new Junior World Record, shattering the previous 415-hit record held by Italy which was resisting since 1998.


They were followed by the Russian Federation. Artem Nekrasov, Kirill Fokeev and Maksim Lazarev finished in second place claiming the Silver medal with a total score of 420 hits, leaving India (Asher Noria, Ankur Mittal and Shayan Masood) in third with 419 hits.


USA’s William Crawford also won the individual World Champion title, finishing in first with a personal score of 147 hits, overwriting the previous 146-hit record set by William Chetcuti in 2004. Crawford left behind him Russia’s Artem Nekrasov, second with 144+4 hits after shooting-off India’s Asher Noria, winner of  the Bronze medal with 144+3 hits.