Finals 50m Pistol Men

Zlatic wins the 50m Pistol Men final and climbs the world ranking

ISSF World Cup Final Rifle / Pistol · Wroclaw, POL

The Serbian shooter beat Ekimov and Matsuda to finish upon the highest step of the podium. The title defender, USA’s Szarenski closed the match in fourth, 2.9 points far from the podium.

The European Champion Andrija Zlatic of Serbia won the ISSF World Cup Final in the 50m Pistol men event, today, at the Wroclaw shooting range, where the event is held from the 18th to the 24th of September.


The 33-year old shooter upset the qualification leader Leonid Ekimov of the Russian Federation to finish upon the highest step of the podium, securing a victory that pushes him up to the highest positions of the world ranking.


Starting the final match in second place with 568 points – one point behind Ekimov – Zlatic scored 99.9 points during the final match to overtake the young Russian champion.


The Serbian winner secured the brightest medal with an overall score of 667.9 points, winning his first ISSF World Cup Final.


Russia’s 24-year old Ekimov finished in second place with 665.9 points. After qualifying for the final match in the lead with 569 points, he scored 96.9 points in the final – with a fatal 8.6-point ninth shot – closing the match in second by two points.


The Bronze medal went to the current number one in the world, the Japanese shooter Tomoyuki Matsuda, winner of two World Championship Gold medals last year, and of three World Cup Golds during this season.


The Japanese marksmen, ranked first in the world and declared “2010 Shooters of the Year” by the sport press, entered into the final match with 561 points, finishing then on the podium with a total of 659.1 points.


He was followed by the title defender, the 2010 ISSF World Cup Final winner Daryl Szarenski of the USA, who closed the match in fourth with 656.2 points. The 2008 Olympic Champion, the Korean ace-shooter Jin Jong Oh, followed him in fifth place with 655.7 points.


Two Italian teammates landed in sixth and eighth place: Giuseppe Giordano placed sixth with 654.1 points, while Francesco Bruno closed the match in eighth with 651.4 points. Between them, the Chinese finalist Wu Xiao, seventh with 651.9 points.

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