Finals 10m Air Pistol Men

Ekimov won the Air Pistol match, his third final in Wroclaw

ISSF World Cup Final Rifle / Pistol · Wroclaw, POL

The Russian champion participated in all the three Pistol finals, winning today’s 10m Air Pistol Match with more than 3 points of advantage on his followers.

Russia’s Leonid Ekimov won today’s 10m Air Pistol Men medal match at the 2011 ISSF Rifle and Pistol World Cup Final in Wroclaw, Poland.


The 24-year old shooter secured the brightest medal and the ISSF Cup with an overall score of 690.7 points. After making it into the final match with a qualification score of 589 points, Ekimov took advantage of his two-point head start to finish in first by scoring 101.7 points.


The Russian shooter – who qualified to participate in this World Cup Final by winning the ISSF World Cup Stage in Fort Benning – made it to all three Pistol finals, here in Wroclaw.


Just yesterday Ekimov had finished in sixth at the 25m Rapid Fire Pistol Final (after scoring 584 points during the qualifications), and two days ago he had finished on the podium of the 50m Pistol Men event securing the Silver medal with more than 3 points of advantage on the bronze medallist.


Today’s Silver medal went to China’s Tian Zhang, 30, who closed the match in second with an overall score of 686.8 points. Qualified with 587 points, he could not reach Ekimov, who shot an almost perfect match.


Marking 99.8 points in the final, Zhang pocketed his second ISSF World Cup Final Silver medal, after the one he had secured in 2007 in Bangkok. Ranked 10th in the World, the 30-year old Chinese shooter had qualified to participate in this match by winning a Bronze at this year’s ISSF World Cup Stage in Sydney. 


Yisuf Dikec of Turkey took the Bronze, after duelling against Ukraine’s Omelchuk throughout the first part of the round. Walking into the final round with 582 qualification points, the 38-year old Turkish shooter scored 100.9 points during the final to totalize 682.9 points and to climb upon the lowest step of the podium.


Ukraine’s Omelchuk, winner of the 2008 World Cup Final, finished in fourth. The 28-year old shooter, who had qualified to participate at this Final by winning a Silver and a Bronze in Sydney and Changwon this year, scored a total of 681.8 (584+97.8) points. He was followed by Walter Lapeyre of France (fifth with 680.7 points), by Italy’s Mauro Badaracchi (sixth with 676.8 points), by Portugal’s Joao Costa (seventh with 676.6 points) and by USA Brian Beaman, eighth with 675.0 points.



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