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2012 ISSF General Assembly in London wrap-up

ISSF World Cup Rifle / Pistol / Shotgun · London, GBR

2015 and 2018 World Championship assigned; 2012 Games Report; 2014 YOG new events; Reports on future championships; Constitution draft presented and new final formats introduced.

The ISSF General Assembly was held at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel in London, today.


The Assembly, which takes place every two year, was organized in London in occasion of the “London Prepares” ISSF pre-Olympic World Cup held at the RAB Olympic Venue from the 17 through the 29th of April.


Two-hundred delegates coming from about 100 countries joined the meeting, receiving reports from the organizers of future events, and deciding the host cities of the 2015 and 2018 World Championship.


“I thank all the delegates participating at this Assembly – the ISSF President, Mr. Olegario Vazquez RAña said, closing the meeting – we will keep on working in the interest of our sport and to promote excellent relationships within the Olympic movement.”


2012 Olympic Games Report

The numerous delegates received a positive report on the preparation of the Olympic Games from Mr. Peter Underhill, the Shooting Manager at the London Organizing Committee Sport Department.

“Being in the heart of the Games, close to the Olympic Village, will give our athletes the best conditions to compete at their top level, and will make them happy.” Mr. Underhill said. “I would like to thank the ISSF Technical Delegates Gary Anderson and Medhat Wadhan, as well as the ISSF Secretary General Franz Schreiber for their supports in this years.” He added.

The Olympic Shooting Range is being tested in these days: tomorrow will indeed officially kick off the “London Prepares” ISSF World Cup test event, which will award 15 medals, right to April the 28th.


2013 and 2014 World Championships Reports

The Organizers of the 2013 ISSF Shotgun World Championship in Lima, Perù, reported to the Assembly, today: “we are doing great progresses with the preparation of the Championship. Lima is offering all the services to accommodate the participants properly.”

Mr. Rodrigo de Mesa Ruiz, the President of the Spanish Shooting Federation, reported on the preparation of the 2014 ISSF World Championship in all events.

In Granada, the construction of a new 25m range has been completed, and new SIUS targets have been acquired. “The 10 and 50meter ranges will be ready by this year, and the selection process to hire staff and volunteers has already started;” Mr. de Mesa Ruiz said.


2014 Youth Olympic Games

The 2014 Youth Olympic Games will take place from the 16th through the 28th of  August 2014 in Nanjing, China. The ISSF Secretary General Franz Schreiber reported to the Assembly on the two new team mixed events granted by the IOC to the ISSF. “This is an innovative competition format for our sport. We will have twenty teams with a similar level of performances, with combined scores. It will be a good chance to bring our young shooter together in a meaningful event which stress the values of fair plays, friendship and universality.” The Quota rules for the event will be approved by the IOC in the next months, and will be published and distributed as soon as received by the ISSF.


2015 Shotgun World Championship to Italy

The Assembly awarded the 2015 Shotgun World Championship to Lonato, Italy. The competition will be held at the renewed “Trap Conca Verde” Shooting Club, featuring 12 shotgun layouts – with 3 new ranges added since the last 2005 World Championship held there, and the Final Range rain covers removed to facilitate the TV coverage. Lonato won the bid with 120 votes, outdoing Maribor (SLO) – 83 votes – and Belgrade (SRB) – 10 votes.


2018 World Championships in all events to Korea

The General Assembly voted and awarded the 2018 ISSF World Championships in all events – the ISSF largest event, taking place every four years – to the Korean City of Changwon, after the other candidate city Maribor withdraw its application.


Constitution Draft presented

A draft for a renewed ISSF Constitution was presented to the General Assembly, which voted it positively with a large majority, but the 2/3 qualified majority needed to change the Federation’s Constitution was not reached and therefore the draft was not approved.


New ISSF Rules on Finals

The ISSF Executive Committee and Council, which met in the last days here in London, also approved a set of new competition formats drafts for Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun Finals. The elimination system (for rifle and pistol) and duel system (for shotgun shooting) will be introduced for finals. Detailed final rules will be released in accordance with the respective ISSF Committees in the next months.

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