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Home hero Peter Wilson shines at Double Trap event

XXX Olympic Games · London, GBR

Great Britain’s Peter Wilson won the Double Trap event in a great day for the shooting sport. Thousands of spectators crowded the Royal Artillery Barracks to follow his medal match. Sweden’s Dahlby shot the best final climbing in second, while Russia’s Mosin pocketed the Bronze at the shoot-off.

Peter Wilson pocketed the first medal for Team GB in Shooting, winning Gold at the Double Trap Men final at the Royal Artillery Barracks.


The 25-year old shooter made it to the final with 143 hits, and a 3-target lead over his opponents. Then, shooting in front of HRH Princesses Ann and of his family – as well as thousand of UK’s spectators, he secured the brightest medal with a total score of 188 hits.


Missing both targets on his 21st pair did not stress him. "Dropping a compete pair wasn't exactly in the plan. I think everyone got a little bit more nervous then. So did I."

But that’s where a champion can make the difference. “I have been training for years. I shot about 50 thousands targets since January to prepare. My coach, Shaik Ahmed Almaktoum, believes in shooting a lot. And this is what I needed on those last four pairs. I got into my routine and I cruised to Gold.”


Wilson shot the 198-hit world record last March, competing in the ISSF World Cup in Tucson, AZ, becoming one of the favourite to win. “The pressure has been huge. I am shooting shooting shooting since six months. But this pays all off.” The home hero said.


Four years ago, in 2008, he was dropped out UK’s founding system. Speaking about it with the 2004 Olympic Champion – Sheik Ahmed Almaktoum of Dubai – he convinced him to become his coach.


“I saw something, in this young shooter. I saw talent. I accepted to coach him, for free, if he would respect my rules and follow my trainings. I am so happy about his victory” Sheik Ahmed Almaktoum said.


“My competition has been easier, back in 2004. I was slightly better than anybody else, as the final result proved (10 targets of lead). Peter had to fight, and he won it shot after shot.”


This was Great Britain’s second Gold in this event, after Richard Fauld’s 2000 Olympic victory. The champion of Sydney 2000 placed 13th, today, with an overall score of 133 hits.


Sweden's Hakan Dahlby took silver with 186 points. He began the final session in fifth place but hit 49 out of 50 targets, marking the best score in the final.


“I really wanted to pocket this medal. This evening, I will celebrate with Champagne. Peter Wilson is going to pay!” He said, laughing with the Gold medalist at the press conference.


“I lost the podium by one target in 2004, when I finished in fourth. In Beijing I did not even make it to the final. I really wanted to grab this one.”


Vasily Mosin (RUS) collected Bronze when Fehaid Aldeehani (KUW) missed the second target in a shoot-off– a sudden-death tiebreaker for the podium, need after they had both finished on 185 points.


"This is my highest achievement but I wanted more. I was there for gold. Bronze is not enough. I feel that I have not done my job completely, I should have done more."  Mosin said.

Aldeehani placed in fourth, after shooting 45 in the final, in spite of a broken gun. " The action of my gun broke on the last round of the qualification and I missed four shots, dropping me down several places. I had to borrow a gun from Rashid Al-Athba of Qater for the final. It was not the right feeling. It was not a good way to go through the match.”

Difficult weather conditions – wind blowing and light changing every other target - were reflected in the result sheet. World No.1 Joshua Richmond (USA), 2011 world champion Li Jun (CHN), defending champion Walton Eller (USA) and Italy’s Olympic Silver Francesco D’Aniello all failed to qualify for the final.

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