Summary ISSF Rule Changes 2013-2016

The ISSF is continuing its work to develop and approve the final version of the 2013-2016 Technical Rules for Shooting.

The ISSF Administrative Council approved many changes to the 2009-2012 Rules during its most recent meeting in London in April 2012. The final editing of the rules, the formal approval of detailed rules for Finals in all Olympic Events and decisions regarding a few rules issues are not yet finished.  The ISSF Administrative Council will meet again in November 2012 to approve the complete 2013-2016 ISSF Rules package with those additional rules.

The ISSF has, however, received many requests from National Federations, coaches, athletes and industry about rule changes that will apply in 2013. Since the ISSF Council has already approved most of the 2013 rules changes, we are pleased to publish the enclosed Summary of Approved Changes in the 2013-2016 ISSF Rules.  If you have any questions about any of these rule changes, please forward them directly to ISSF Headquarters.



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