Finals 50m Rifle 3 Positions Men

USA’s Parker clinches 50m Rifle 3 Positions Men World Cup trophy

ISSF World Cup Final Rifle / Pistol · Bangkok, THA

The US marksmen Jason Parker won the ISSF World Cup Final, beating Korea’s Han Jinseop and Norway’s Ole Kristian Bryhn.

“It feels great to win the ISSF World Cup Final!” USA’s Jason Parker said, wearing the 50m Rifle 3 Positions Men Gold medal, at the ISSF World Cup Final in Bangkok, today.


The 38-year old US Champion made it to the final round with a head-start of four points, and then managed his advantage right to the last shot. Scoring 95.5 points during the final, Parker finished on the highest step of the podium with an overall score of 1266.5 points, securing the trophy.


“Entering the final with such an advantage made me a bit nervous. I need a bit of pressure, to do well in finals.” Parker said.


“I have been competing in World Cup Finals since 1998, and dreaming of a Gold medal since then. It’s finally around my neck, and it feels great!” The winner said.


“I will now use the winter break to test some new materials, and to get ready for the next ISSF World Cup Season.” Parker concluded.


Three points behind him, Korea’s Han Jinseop pocketed the Silver medal with an overall score of 1263.5 points. Making it to the final with 1166, Han overtook Norway’s Ole Kristian Bryhn to finish on the second step of the podium with a final score of 97.5 points. Bryhn landed in third, securing the Bronze medal with a total score of 1263.0 (1167+96.0) points.


Serbia’s Nemanja Mirosavljev, 42, placed in fourth with 1260.3 (1163+97.3) points, while Ukraine’s Serhiy Kulish finished in fifth, with 1259.8 (1163+100.8) points, in spite of scoring today’s best final.


Norway’s Ole Magnus Bakken, the 24-year old shooter who had won a Bronze at the 2009 World Cup Final in Wuxi, placed in sixth with a score of 1255.9 (163+92.9) points.


The winner of yesterday’s 50m Rifle Prone Men final, the Slovenian Olympic multi-medallist Rajmond Debevec, finished his match in seventh place. After qualifying with a score of 1158 points, several points behind the qualification’s leaders, he scored 97.8 points in the final. Only six tenths behind him, Switzerland’s Simon Beyeler, eight today, with 1255.2 (1158+97.2) points.

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