Champions Trophy

Matsuda and Yu won the Champions Trophy sponsored by SIUS Ascor

ISSF World Cup Final Rifle / Pistol · Bangkok, THA

The well known Champions’ Trophy sponsored SIUS Ascor, the Swiss Company producing the targets used at the Olympic Games, closed the 2012 ISSF World Cup Final held in Bangkok, Thailand, from the 22nd to the 27th of October.

The Champions’ Trophy brings together the very best shooters, selected among the best athletes of the season. Only the World Cup Final medallists are indeed eligible to participate in this classic competition, which award a money-price of 5.000,00 Euro offered by SIUS.


The formula of the Champions’ Trophy is easy and challenging at the same time.  How does it work? Line up the best shooters of the world on a 10-meter range, let them choose between an air pistol and an air rifle event, and let them shoot in a knock-out round.


After four competition shots, the participant with the lowest score goes out, and from there on, one shot after the other, the shooter with the lowest total has to leave the matchj.


When only two athletes are left on the firing line, the total goes back to zero, and three shots are fired to decide the winner of the Champions Trophy.


The bests Pistol and Rifle shooters will win 5.000,00 Euro each, thanks to the SIUS ASCOR Company, the official targets and results provider sponsoring the match.


To make everything a bit more interesting, the audience is pushed by the speaker to be “as loud as possible” while cheering and supporting their champions.


It was the Japanese hero Tomoyuki Matsuda who won the Pistol Champions trophy outdoing the young Russian champion Leonid Ekimov, who had won the trophy last year.


The Rifle Champions Trophy finished in favour of Yu Dan, the 2012 Olympic Bronze medallist, who secured the price by eliminating Germany’s record holder Sonja Pfeilschifter in a head-to-head duel.


Marco Dalla Dea


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